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5 Finished Series Worth Watching | Netflix and Chill

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Hey, you! 🎥

When Netflix first launched in France (in 2014?), a lot of people around me were surprised that I had subscribed and didn't really understand the concept. I thought it was genius and I knew deep inside me that this was gonna be a hit!

Fast-forward to 2021 ... I can say I have absolutely no regrets! In fact, I don't even remember ever stopping my subscription, not even for a month.

Watching series and / or movies and reading are two activities I enjoy a lot. Between both, I don't think I have a preference. I guess it would depend on that period of time in my life. However, I do find that I'm a bit of an impatient person and I prefer binge-watching a full season over the weekend. Which is probably why I like Netflix because I can do that, contrary to the past when I had to wait to for a new episode every week. That was f*cking annoying!

Anyways ...

We have successfully launched a new video category on our YouTube channel, which is all about what we watch. The first video I wanted to make is about the series I've finished and that I thought were worth watching in full. I don't know about you, but I've experienced watching series that had a great first season and then just crashed in following seasons.

Here are the series I presented in the video above:

1. Friends

2. Gilmore Girls

3. Sense8

4. Homeland

5. Crash Landing on You

My husband first comment after watching this video was "but they're all oldddd series!!" hahaha Yes, that's the point honey. They're finished and worth watching over and over and over again. 😂😂 So, here are mine, what are yours?

xoxo Elodie

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