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And then I realised that Adventure was the best way to learn ... | Podcast

Updated: Jan 14

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Hey, you! 🙂

I am officially back home for a few weeks before I leave again, so I want to make sure I get down to business because boy do I have a lot to share with you! ✨

This recent trip we took proved to be one of the most adventurous and patience-testing experience I've had in a while. It doesn't help that right before we left I was in a funky mood and going through some shit. I guess, the runner in me was glad to take a break but I must have brought that funk along with me.

Anyways, to give you a little background of this trip - the Husband's aunt, who lives in the states, decided to join a pilgrimage group in Europe. They were supposed to go to Krakow - Prague - Munich. Emphasis on the words "supposed to" because as it turns out she tested Covid-positive on her first night in Krakow and was obliged to self-quarantine in a hotel room for a week. So, no Prague and no Munich for her. We were very worried! 😟😟

Originally, she was supposed to take a flight from Munich to Paris and we agreed to meet up with her there. She ended up taking her flight to Paris from Krakow instead, after testing negative to the Covid test.

We were super excited to see her, especially after not seeing her for so many years. But like I mentioned earlier, we were in a weird funk. I remember that that week was tough. It was pretty much one day, one bad news. The latest one being that our dog sitter tested positive to Covid as well. Thankfully, she was feeling ok and could still take care of our fur baby.

So on Sunday, June 26 we took a Flixbus bus from Metz to Paris. What we thought would be a smooth 4-hour ride turned out to be anything but smooth! At our second break (an hour from Paris), our bus driver could not insert the bus key into the ignition. It was simply impossible. It would go in about 80% of the way, but not 100%, therefore impossible to start the bus. We were so close to our destination, yet so far away! 😤😤

I quickly looked at my phone, the Husband's aunt's plane had taken off - she was on the way. What were we gonna do? How were we gonna get out of there? What were our options?

After watching the driver desperately trying to insert the key for looooooooong minutes, I realized we were gonna be stuck there for a long time unless .....

.... we hitchhike to Paris!

But let me tell you this, that is easier said than done.

"We're actually doing this, mom? This is so cool!", said S.

Yeahhhhhhh, I guess. 😩😩

After a failed attempt, we managed to convince a man to take us to Paris. His face was expressionless, barely saying anything, but he offered us a ride anyways. It was awkward at first and we didn't quite know what to do. But he started asking questions and I answered them. I figured he probably needed to be reassured.

Then the situation took a whole new turn. Turns out, the man works for a company which exports goods to our island in the Philippines and that he had already visited our beautiful country.

What are the chances, right? The world is indeed small.

The man eventually opened up, smiling to us, answering questions, and when I asked him, "how I can repay you for your kindness?"

As he knew that we were going to Lourdes in a few days, he answered, "Lighting a candle for my little Matthieu will do". 🙏🙏

xoxo Elodie

P.S. If you're reading this Flixbus, I'm coming after you for my reimbursement. 😂😂


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Aug 15, 2022

Adventure is definitely a good way to learn. Thanks for sharing the mishap that you and your family experience on you trip. Hope flixbus reimbursed you.

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