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Family Summer Vacation 2019! (European Road Trip 2019 Series #1)

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Hello, you!

When a pyjama isn’t enough to warm me up and I need a thick sweater, then I know that summer is officially over. I’m not sure what to think of it though. When I was younger, Fall used to be my favorite season, but I’m beginning to think that Spring might be it for me now. Anyways, enough of season-talking because I’m also officially late in posting about our Family Summer Vacation!

So this year we decided to discover European cities. With the exception of Munich, we were able to visit 3 capitals – Prague, Berlin, and Amsterdam. This is actually a dream of mine to do with my daughter. As much as possible, I would love to be able to visit every capital in the world. As this might seem like an impossible dream, I decided to venture into something a little more achievable – the capitals of Europe. By the way, we’ve already visited Paris and London together.

We were off for 10 days, travelling either by bus or train. Each city had its ups and downs. In fact, there was no perfect city, but I did surprisingly fall in love with one.

I used two phone applications during our trip, which I must say really really helped us a lot. Omio (click here for the website) for our transportation and Hotel Tonight (click here for the website) for the hotel accommodation. Both sites helped us have absolutely interesting price rates!

By the way, if you use my code EAMORA1 on Hotel Tonight, you can have 20€ off your next reservation!

So I’ve decided to dedicate one post to each city we visited to make it as complete as possible. And write all about …

… the places we stayed at,

the food we ate,

the landmarks we visited,

while enjoying it as a family!

xoxo Elodie

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