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Arita Restaurant in Metz, France

Same time last year, the Husband and I had lunch for the first and only time at the Korean-Japanese restaurant, Arita in Metz, France. I’d love to say that the Husband and I are as happy as we were in May 2017, but I’m not so sure anymore. After spending a couple of days together this week, with no fights, we had a major one this morning which ended in tears. The worst part was Baby Girl storming to her room in tears asking for me to comfort her. Talk about ending the week with a bang! The Husband and I argue all the time, but lately when we fight, the words are quite violent. I hate it, but I don’t know what to do.

I don’t even know when was the last time we had lunch out, just the two of us. These days, I mostly prepare our meals at home. I’m not complaining because cooking is one of my passions in life. It’s just painful to think of how genuinely happy we once were.

Anyways  …. back to Arita.

We arrived at exactly 12 noon. It was just opening. We went in and immediately were welcomed by an Asian ambiance. Unfortunately, it seemed a tad aged and could use a lil refresh.

I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of music instrument this is.

So I checked online – could this be the chordophones instrument, the gayageum?

There was only one woman in the restaurant. She guided us to our table, she took our orders, she cooked our food, she served our food, and she cashed in our payment. Wow.

While the place was generally clean, I was a bit concerned about the chopsticks. They are the kind that you can clean and use again, but they are also made of wood. Bref, I just prayed that they were thoroughly cleaned.

We were served complimentary Asian Mixed Nuts before our orders were taken.

We were initially seated in a small table for 2, but when I said that I wanted the Korean Barbeque we were transferred to a table for 4.

The Husband and I started our meal with a bowl of Miso Soup.

I know that it came with my order – the Korean Barbeque / Barbecue Coréen (13,00 Euros), but I didn’t know that it came with The Husband’s as well. Nevertheless, he got a bowl of soup and a plate of salad too.

Next, we were served a Green Salad. It was served with a very refreshing vinaigrette which I suspect was made from a mixture of radish / apple / onion. Such a simple dish, but really good. Sorry for the blurry photo.

I’ve always been fascinated by Korean food. It’s so different from everything I know.

For example, Tteokbokki (8.00 Euros) is like nothing I’ve had before, but I love it! It is a traditional Korean dish composed of sticks of rounded rice cake cooked in a sweet and spicy red sauce. The owner told me she particularly liked to cook this dish with lots of vegetables.

While I loved it, The Husband didn’t. But that’s just because he doesn’t like anything that’s too sticky. He liked the sauce and the vegetables though.

Like I mentioned earlier, I ordered the Korean Barbeque / Barbecue Coréen. The owner brought over a portable gas stove and soon after she brought over 4 bowls (an empty one for the meat, steamed white rice, monggo sprouts and eggplant, and radish kimchi).

I was excited to eat!!!

The next thing the owner brought to the table was the marinated beef meat. Unfortunately, I was expecting to cook it myself, but she was adamant to do it herself.

I let her, but I did read negative reviews on Tripdadvisor (click here) about how the owner can be rude and tends to impose her opinion on her clients. For our part, my husband found it very awkward when she started talking about politics considering that we are complete strangers to her.

But anyways …

The food was delicious which makes up for the rest.

Perfect! ❤️

While I was enjoying my Korean barbeque, The Husband also had another popular Korean dish, Bibimbap (18 Euros). Arita’s Bibimbap was composed of rice, zucchini, mushroom, monggo sprouts, barely any beef meat, and a raw egg yolk. While it was very good – I actually preferred this to my barbecue – we thought it was pricey for the quantity!

Although I didn’t exactly have the mind-blowing experience I thought I would have, I have no regrets about coming here. In fact, I’m glad I did. Will I come back for another meal? Probably. Will we be back anytime soon? Probably not. In fact, I’m already looking to see if there are any Korean restaurants in Luxembourg worth checking out.

Have you been to Arita? Any suggestions in Luxembourg?

xoxo Elodie

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