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Weekly Meal Plan: Feb. 26 - Mar. 3, 2024

Updated: Feb 26

Hey, you! 😊

I just realized that I haven't posted anything this week on the blog since I posted last week's meal plan. Oh my ... 😱😱 I've been busy with work and it was that time of the month and that's never a fun time. Anyways, it's the school break this week and next week, so I reckon I'll have more time to blog. 🤞

I've decided to do batch cooking and meal prepping again. Have you read the blog series I posted here?

Batch Cooking #1 | Where do I begin? : click here

Batch Cooking #2 | Meal Planning : click here

Batch Cooking #3 | Grocery Shopping List : click here

Batch Cooking #4 : Meal Prepping : click here

Batch Cooking #5 | Cooking Day and Storing : click here

Here's what I was able to make under two hours. This includes our Sunday lunch and dinner, quick lunch for the week, and a couple of dinners. Not too bad, not too bad. *pat on the back* 😆😆

What do you think of batch cooking?

xoxo Elodie


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