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Batch Cooking #5 | Cooking Day and Storing

Hey, you! 👩🍳

I am back a month after my last batch cooking post (click here to read it). That post was about the meal prepping step and today will be about the last step, Cooking and Storing. But don't worry this will not be the last batch cooking post. I'll make sure to continue posting photos and my experiences in this adventure.

As I mentioned, this is the last - but not the least - step in Batch Cooking - Cooking and Storing. But this is not only about "cooking". Before you get to the actual cooking part, it is important to come up with a cooking plan.

Write down and prepare the items from longest cooking time to shortest cooking time. Use this cooking order as a guideline, so that most items finish cooking at roughly the same time. Also you will need to prepare the base recipe first especially if they will be adapted into different dishes.

Alright, so let's begin with the Meal Plan for this week (click here for the post):

Cooking Plan

First step:

-Marinate the pork chop (30 minutes)

-Boil water for the pasta (stove top burner #1 - 10 minutes)

-Peel and slice the vegetables (10/15 minutes)

Second step:

-Cook the pasta (stove top burner #1 - 10/15 minutes)

-Cook tomato-meat sauce (stove top burner #2 - 40 minutes)

-Boil potatoes (stove top burner #3 - 30 minutes)

-Cook Chicken Afritada (stove top burner #4 - 40 minutes)

-Cook creamy mushroom soup (Thermomix - 30 minutes)

-Roast chicken and veggies (oven - 30/40 minutes)

Third Step:

-Set aside the pasta

-Cook the couscous (microwave - 15 minutes)

-Fry the pork chop (stove top burner #1 - 20 minutes)

-Prepare the crab filling (bowl - 10/15 minutes)

Fourth Step:

-Drain the potatoes, smash, and set aside (5/10 minutes)

-Cook the green beans (stove top burner #3 - 15 minutes)

-Set aside the pork chop

-Set aside the tomato-meat sauce

-Set aside the Chicken Afritada

-Set aside the Creamy Mushroom Soup

-Set aside the roasted chicken and vegetables

-Prepare the Crab Samoussa (10 minutes)

-Set aside the couscous

Fifth Step:

-Bake the Crab Samoussa (oven - 10 minutes)

-Set aside the green beans

Sixth Step:

-Set aside the Crab Samoussa

-Assemble the Hachis Parmentier and set aside

-Combine the pasta and half of the tomato-meat sauce and set aside

*I'm taking into consideration that the green salad will be prepped after grocery shopping and the rice will be cooked on the day itself.

Next comes storing. But before anything cool completely before storing. Then decide what will be stored in the refrigerator and what will be stored in the freezer.

In this case, I decided to freeze the Samoussas while the rest was stored in the refrigerator.

Before I end this post, I just want to share with you some of my Batch Cooking experiences:

Let me know what you think. Have a wonderful day. 😊

xoxo Elodie

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