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Bogart the Pug Series #1 | Dog Love

Hey, you! Bogart the Pug here today. Woof-woof! 🐶


Our little rascal was feeling a little bit left out about not being included in our videos so he decided to start his own series on our Youtube channel (click here).

Bogart will be celebrating his 5th birthday in June (already 😲😲). He is a little bit of naughty (likes to sleep on our bed even if it's formally forbidden!). But he is also a little bit of nice (has not destroyed any furniture!).


In 4 years, Bogart the Pug has become an important part of our family. First thing we do in the early morning is feed him and one of the last thing we do at night is bring him out for a night pee. He is constantly in our mind.


He demands goodbye kisses when we leave the house. He howls in excitement if he sees us coming home from the balcony. He begs for food whenever he can by crying while looking at me with hopeful eyes. He also licks my feet whenever he can. He is just an adorable ball of love. 💜💜

xoxo Elodie

PS. Don't forget to support me. Woof-woof. -Bogart 🐶

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