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Bouillon Batignolles in Metz, France

Updated: Jan 16

Hey, you! 😊

Although I don't have a lot of great photos from our dinner at Bouillon Batignolles last Saturday, after eating here 3 times, I simply could not NOT write about it.

I ate here the first time when we had our German exchange student last year. I talked about the experience here and here.

Anyways ...

Last year, I was looking for a nice French restaurant to bring our German student and when I saw photos online of Bouillon Batignolles, I thought it would be the perfect place. And it was!

A Bouillon is a type of restaurant which serves simple, traditional French food. It typically serves good quality food quickly at an affordable price. I believe that when they first invented the concept it was to serve working people at lunch time. They needed to refuel themselves with something delicious, but quick before going back to work.

Bouillon Batignolles opened just a couple of years ago and is right in the city center - it's hard to miss it.

We had an amazing time so I suggested having lunch with girl friends a few months later. Again, we had a really nice time then too. Last Saturday evening we invited my sister, my brother-in-law, and my niece. They only had good stuff to say after the meal. So did my husband because this was his first time here. So 3 times, 3 hits.

As usual, I had their Cordon Bleu with Sauteed Vegetables (15.60€). Their French Fries are good, but I just wanted veggies this time around. No regrets. Cordon Bleu has such bad rep because it's known as bad school cafeteria food or the frozen kind, which is not good at all! But when made from scratch, it is actually quite delicious! The chicken was moist with a nice layer of ham and oozing cheese.

The Husband had La Gambette de Miss Piggy (17.80€), which is Pork Hock. It was huuuuuge, in fact the Husband had a hard time finishing his plate and he is a meat lover! I had some and it was not disappointing. Tender, falling off the bone, and so tasty! My brother-in-law had the same dish and loved it too!

Our daughter tried the Lasagna with Pesto and Fresh Goat Cheese (14.50€)for the first time. She loves Pesto, but wasn't too sure about the goat cheese. In the end, she cleaned her plate and said it was the best! My sister and my niece had Bavette (21.50€), or Flank Steak and both were satisfied with their order. No one at the table was disappointed!

Dessert was as good as the main dishes. I totally forgot to take photos - blame it on the "ooh's" and "aah's" we could not stop ourselves from saying when the desserts made their way to the table. The Profiteroles (6.90€), which the Husband and I shared looked so good that we just dug in immediately. Hahaha.

Service was as good as expected. The owner came to talk to us a couple of times, which is always a nice touch. He did that with all the tables. There really isn't any thing bad to say about Bouillon Batignolles in my opinion. And I guess it is a popular opinion as the place is always full so making reservations is highly recommended! I reserved online on Tuesday for Saturday evening and it was already almost full!

Overall, I am happy to say that after a year, it is as good as the first experience was and I know that it is the place to-go to if I have visitors in town!

xoxo Elodie


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