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Buitoni Pizza - The French Food Scandal

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We first heard about the Buitoni Food Scandal a few weeks ago and it's chilling to say the least.

Nestle's Buitoni pizza brand has been linked to an E.Coli outbreak in France. I've been reading multiple articles about this and I can't help but wonder about the French food safety regulations.

I've seen photos of a Buitoni factory in France and there's no doubt that a bacteria came out of there. Google - buitoni usine caudry. ⚠️ Warning: you will be shocked! I thought regulations were strict, so what exactly happened here???

It started with the range "Fraich' Up" then "Bella Napoli" and yesterday "Four a Pierre" is also included in the investigations. At this point, maybe it's safer to just stop buying their products. Don't you think? 😕

Anyways .... Let's take a look at numbers.

Fifty-five. That's the number of known cases in France. Out of 55, 54 are children.

Two. That's the number of dead children.

Some are in a coma - in vegetative state!

Others are out of the hospital, but risk a kidney transplant and other procedures.

All are traumatised.

As a mother myself, I would be completely devastated. I never buy frozen pizzas, but after a looooooong day of work, I can understand mothers or fathers wanting a quick dinner to prepare.

Can you imagine serving a pizza for dinner to your kids then spending the next days at their bedside in the hospital ? What's worst is the guilt felt by the parents? Of course, it isn't their fault at all, but trust me there is no parent that wouldn't feel guilty about this. And that's another layer to this tragedy!

Buitoni sent a 20 Euro-certificate to the family of the victims (including those with children who passed away). Apparently these certificates were sent automatically. Yet again another catastrophic layer added.

I have never worked for a big company in the food industry, but do you need to be a genius to take responsibility, care for the victims, recall all the products (you can still find them in supermarkets!!!), and talk to the public?? No, you don't - you just have to be humane.

xoxo Elodie

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