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What's wrong with the world?

Hey, you! 🥺🥺

Five days ago, a war started. It was with a heavy heart that I woke up last Thursday and read on my phone about what happened earlier that morning. (I have goosebumps from re-reading what I just typed!).

There is a war in Europe, but Europe isn't at war. There has been much resistance since Thursday. Civilians have joined the army to defend their country. Women and children have taken the road to escape to nearby countries. People have been hiding in basements and the underground subway. It's a nightmare and sounds so much like what happened during the WWII.

I usually love this theme in series, but honestly I could have done without this one. Because this is definitely not a series. These are real people, dealing with something that they shouldn't have to. It brings me to tears each time I think about it and each time I watch videos and see photos online. I have the news non-stop in the background, knowing quite well that this probably isn't too good for my mental health but I need to know what's happening. We are facing instability.

The first peace talk is currently happening between a delegation of both countries. I'm not sure it will bring about any positive changes. But perhaps buy some time, but .... who knows?

I wasn't sure about writing about it here, but I can't help it. I need to put into words the sadness and worries I'm feeling. Hopefully at the same time next week, things will have settled down. One can only hope. 🙏

xoxo Elodie

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