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Burrata Tartine | Recipe

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Hey, you! 🍅

After we got back from the Philippines, our daughter S stayed with my niece and her kids for a couple of weeks. They had lots of fun, especially swimming in their new pool. She finallt came home the weekend before school started and when I asked her what she wanted me to make her she answered:

"Could you make my favorite tartine please?"

"The one with Burrata? Sure, no problem!"

S isn't as food obsessed as I am, but she'll try anything once and if she likes something, she'll definitely let you know. She absolutely loves Burrata and we definitely know it. LOL.

So what does her favorite tartine look like?

It's pretty simple actually but is packed so much flavor.

All I need is bread (I used baguette this time), olive oil, burrata cheese, salt, and black pepper. And then I like to add whatever salad, vegetable, and ham I have on-hand. On that day, I had arugula, a tomato, and mortadella. Sometimes, I'll add a bit of pesto or balsamic vinegar, but we also like it without. I'm the type of person who typically likes simple flavors. For example, I prefer a steak without any sauce or Foie Gras (faux gras now) with just a bit of salt and no fig or onion confit whatsoever. But I also do appreciate complex flavors. Ahhhh I like everything, ok? 😂😂

Anyways, I digress. So this is S's favorite tartine, just as long as it has Burrata on it.


What do you like on your tartine? 😊

xoxo Elodie

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