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Grilled Tuna Ribs | Recipe

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Hey, you! 🐟

I don't know if you follow us on YouTube (click here), but I've been talking a lot about Poiscaille and Tuna Ribs there. Last year, I remembered writing a blog post about Poiscaille (click here for the post) and as you can see, we are still regular customers.

We simply love buying from Poiscaille, especially the Tuna Ribs! For 10€, you can have 1 kilo of tuna ribs. At first, we were hesitant that we would only have bones, but the ribs come with a lot of meat-on-the-bone.

Anyways, we received a lot of messages regarding the Tuna Ribs: where do we buy Tuna Ribs in France, how do I prepare the tuna ribs, and what is my recipe?

Where do we buy Tuna Ribs? - For now, we have only found Tuna Ribs on the site Poiscaille.

How do I prepare the Tuna Ribs? What is my recipe? - You can check out our YouTube video or continue reading this post below.

This recipe is a super easy one, just the way I like it. I prepare a simple, but tasty marinade and oven-grill the ribs. It is perfect!

This is the way we like to enjoy the Tuna Ribs best, but did you know that in Japan, people like to eat this raw with a soy sauce dipping sauce?? I don't know if I could ever do this, but if I had an outdoor BBQ set-up, I would love to Charcoal-Grill it. Tuna Ribs is wonderfully delicious and almost tastes and feels like red meat. Yum!! 😋

xoxo Elodie

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