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Christmas 2020 - Gift Ideas

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Hey, you! How's your Christmas shopping so far? Amazingly enough, I am almost done! That's doesn't happen very enough for me, but I guess with the Covid and all, I'm not keen with the idea of being in crowded shopping malls.

Anyways, I decided to write this post in case this can help anyone out there. Christmas is already 10 days away, so if this post comes in a bit too late, then perhaps it can help for a birthday or anniversary.

- Women -

Dyson Airwrap - Click here

For a woman who often likes to go to the hair parlour and / or who styles her hair regularly.

Okay, okay - this is super pricey I know that. But perhaps for a special birthday, like an 18th or 30th, or a 10-year wedding anniversary. You get what I mean, right? Or if you have a big family, then why not have everyone participate in a pool. Instead of getting several little gifts, you get 1 big one.

A Cookbook - Click here

For a woman who loves cooking and/or likes to collect nice cooking books (and in this case also loves the series, Friends.)

I got this for me! 😂😂 I could not NOT get it. Friends is a passion. Cooking is an even bigger passion! This was bound to have its way under my Christmas tree.

A Book - Click here

For a woman who likes to read and/or collect photo books.

What's the difference between buying a book for a special occasion and on a regular day? Well, you can get a hardbound one. Like a nice hardbound copy of Becoming by Michelle Obama. A very inspirational book that might speak to a lot of women. A book does not have to be read, it can also be collected. By this I mean those nice photo books, like those Dior or fashion books. Or you can gift an Archie Comics collection to reminisce someone's childhood. Or why not get a monthly magazine subscription. You can even get a digital subscription for someone who has a tablet. It can be anything from fashion to cooking to home decors or even weddings!

Makeup - Click here

For a woman who linterested by makeup

This can be a great gift for a newbie who has a very limited makeup collection or an aficionado who is always on the look-out for the latest products.

Peri Glass - Click here

For a woman who likes home decor

A Peri Glass oil lamp is simple, yet very chic in my opinion. It brings a certain je ne sais quoi to the room.

- Men -

Sweatshirt - Click here

This one is quite hard if your man is as difficult as mine when it comes to clothing. But I always try to get something cute or make sure to remember things he randomly points at when window-shopping.

Headset - Click here

For a man who likes listening to music, practicing sports...

Of course, you've got the very popular AirPods, but you also have other great alternatives (cheaper too!).

DIY Kit - Click here

For a man who likes to make things with his idle hands

The Make-your-own-Beer kit has been really popular recently. For someone who likes beers, that can be a great gift! Nevertheless, I hear it takes a couple of weeks or months before you can actually taste your product.

Eau de Parfum - Click here

For a man who likes to smell good

The eau de parfum, but you can also get the deodorant as well!

For a man who fancies myself a handyman

This is just like the Dyson Airwrap for women but for men. And as useful too! haha But a good tool can be quite pricey so starting a pool can be a good idea!

- Family -

Board Game / Puzzle - Click here

For Friday night, Game night or Saturday 😁

Photo Album - Click here

For family memories. You can never get enough of those. ❤️

Here's my referral link: Referral code: ELON3V

Use the link or code to get 5€ off your first order. 😊

Coffee Machine - Click here

Because behind every productive man and woman, there is a lot of coffee!

Painting / Framed Photo / Art Item - Click here

For a nice touch in your home

Furniture - Click here

Something new in preparation to the new year

- Kids -

Video Game Console - Click here

Let's face it - reality is kids nowadays love video games! And why shouldn't they? As long as it's reasonable, right?

Camera - Click here

If your child isn't into video games, then perhaps in cameras? I know that that our daughter prefers this option. She likes to film herself doing things or even talks to the camera!

Arts and Crafts - Click here

Arts and crafts is always a good idea, especially with younger kids. It can also be an activity that can be shared with the parents. Panda Craft is a great subscription box with arts and crafts activities for kids according to their age.

DIY Projects - Click here

If they are a bit older, then why not getting them a DIY project. Making something simple like a stool or a chair for their room. Or a lamp too!

Toys - Click here

Of course toys! But that's a given.

- Pets -

All I have say is that - if they're busy chewing on a toy, then they won't chew on the furniture! Especially that new armchair that you just got!

Clothes - Click here

Dog clothes- isn't that the cutest thing ever, right?

A nice bone / friandise - Click here

Same as the toy, but tastes better.

Tag necklace - Click here

So you're not the only one fashionable as you're walking down the street.

Bowl - Click here

Not that your pet will care in what they eat in their food. Well, mine doesn't. But for hygiene reasons, it's nice to regularly change your pets' bowls.

Watcha think of the list? What are some of your ideas?

xoxo Elodie

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