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Christmas Movies To Watch 2023

Hey, you! 😊

Christmas season is made up of a lot of traditions, including watching Christmas movies. This year I decided to make a list (yes, another list haha). After I was done, I realized that they're not technically all Christmas movies, well not the Hallmark kind, but they do happen during Christmas. So they're still a link, I guess. Which is completely fine because the Husband is sadly not a fan of Hallmark Christmas movies (but why??).

From old holiday classics to newer films, here are the Christmas movies we're planning to watch (or in some cases, rewatch!)

Little Women is an American coming-of-age period drama movie. Set in New England, it follows the lives of the four March sisters—Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy—and details their passage from childhood to womanhood during the Civil War.

We started the movie list with the 2019 version of Little Women, which to me just isn't as good as the 1994 version. Both are beautiful and warm, but we had a hard time with the flashbacks because they had the same actors for the childhood flashbacks which was confusing at times. I don't know if that explains the lack of emotions I felt watching this movie, but for some reason it just wasn't the same as the older version. I remembered crying my eyes out when Beth died and also feeling so much happiness for Jo during that last scene (in the older version!). But overall, I really loved this movie because as a woman, it made me think of the constraints enforced upon women by society at that time.

Last Christmas is the story of a woman working as an elf in a year-round Christmas store who wishes to have a career in the acting / singing industry. One day, she meets a man at the store and her life suddenly takes a new turn.

I thought it was a cute story until .... it got really dark! And I didn't expect that at all! It's just like the heart above the letter i in the movie poster. You look at it, you think it's cute, and then you realize it actually means something else, something deeper. It's not really a romance movie, which is probably why I didn't feel any chemistry between the main actors, but with that being said everything made sense in the end.

Noëlle. For generations, the Kringle family has produced Santa Claus, a legacy handed down from father to son. When Nick and Noëlle's father dies, it's Nick's turn to take over, but he has no talent for the Santa trade. His sister Noëlle is a tireless do-gooder who suddenly must take over the family business to make sure Christmas this year goes as planned.

This was a light-hearted and fun family movie to watch. Yes, it was predictable but it has a very positive message which I think can only be good for the viewers.

While You Were Sleeping is about a hopeless romantic but lonely subway worker who is smitten by a handsome stranger who passes her booth every day. One day, she saves him from a certain death. Through a silly misunderstanding she is then mistaken as the fiancé of this stranger, who is in a coma at the hospital.

It's a lovely and romantic comedy to watch - perfect for family movie night! While watching this, I remember thinking to myself how loneliness must be the worst kind of pain. It actually gets a bit emotional, but it's just the right dosage for this season. I also loved seeing the family dynamics and I was rooting for Lucy the whole time.

Serendipity. This story follows a couple who have a fateful meeting one night in New York, but go their own separate ways by the end of the evening. Life goes on but they find themselves, years later, trying to reconnect by following their destinies.

I remember watching this movie when it first came out years ago and having mixed thoughts about it. After watching it last weekend, I still feel the same. I remember years ago making a mental note of trying out the Serendipity's Frozen Hot Chocolate in New York, which I haven't done yet! Gosh, I would love to visit New York in winter. Must be so magical or .... a bitch to walk around. Anyways ... Overall, I liked the story and I thought the main actors had a lot of chemistry, a certain je ne sais quoi, which really made that first meeting somehow magical and believable. But .... at a certain point in the movie, I also kinda felt "blasé" as we say in French. A combo of tired + bored. At first it's funny - they miss each other by so little - but after a while, there's just so much you can take before it becomes blahhhh. Another thing, and I think this comes with age and maturity, is that I've come to a point where I have little or no tolerance for guys who string along women. In the movie, he's in a relationship and proposes to this woman and then on his wedding week, he suddenly goes off to chase after "the one who got away". I get this is a movie, but I have no doubt that this has probably happened in real life and that pisses me off. Why would you be with a woman and then worse, propose, when you're still thinking and longing for someone else??

So here we go for now. I'll update this post as we watch more of the movies on the list.

To be continued ....

xoxo Elodie

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