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Totally Killer | Movie Review

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Hey, you! 🗡️

I was looking for something new to watch for this Halloween season and surprise, surprise I stumbled upon the movie, Totally Killer, on Amazon Prime Video.

I found Totally Killer entertaining, but I'm not quite sure what to think of it. It's a 3-in-1 genre: horror, comedy, and science fiction. As absurb as this might sound, at times I didn't know whether I should cover my eyes from being scared (the killing scenes are very graphic) or I should cover my mouth from laughing at the jokes.


This is the story of a seventeen-year old girl called Jamie who lives in a small town unfortunately defined by the infamous "Sweet Sixteen Killer" who is back on Halloween night after the shocking murders of 3 teens 35 years ago. Jamie accidentally time travels to 1987 when the original killings took place and realizes she has the opportunity to find out who the killer is but most importantly, stop the murders. And she must do all of this before it's too late for her to come back to 2023 and she is stuck forever in the past. *cue in the music*


As I mentioned earlier, the killing scenes were a bit too graphic for our taste. A few times, it took my daughter and I by surprise and we screamed. Hahaha. It's also very political. Jamie has a lot of culture shock experiences, which made us laugh. I was born in 1985 and my daughter is 15, so while watching this we felt very much like the mother-daughter on-screen. We realized that there are a lot of things which were considered "normal" then, but are just not acceptable now. So many changes have taken place in the past 30 years and I know that they have, but I don't think I ever realized how much has changed.

I doubt that this is gonna be deemed as the halloween movie of the year, but I thought it was a nice change for this spooky season. I don't think I've ever watched another movie quite like this and we were quite entertained for our weekly family movie night. I would suggest being open-minded about this movie because if you are a horror movie purist, you will definitely be disappointed and if you're looking for a comedy, this might not completely satisfy you. Good news is that Totally Killer gives you a little bit of both. Anyways, consider yourself warned?

What's your favorite Halloween movie?

xoxo Elodie

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