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The Start of the Confinement (Covid-19 Confinement - Day 1)

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Hey, you!

Coronavirus has been "the word of the day" for the past couple of days. It certainly has been coming out of my lips a lot lately. I don't remember the first time I ever muttered that 11-letter word. Perhaps back in January when the world was still preoccupied about the Australian wildfire. I remember telling one of my trainees that the year was starting on a bad foot. I honestly never thought that the month of March would turn out this way!

The virus itself is a very serious matter. But in the past days, the stupidity of some humans has proven an even more serious matter to deal with. I have to admit that I never really panicked until I watched the President's first speech last week. But thanks to that, I heard and learned the lesson. As much as possible, I had to stay home.

I had to stay home to avoid moving around the virus and transferring it to someone else. Someone weak. Someone who could die from it.

Unfortunately, not everyone got that in France. Some were hanging out in public parks last Sunday or shopping in crowded street markets. Thankfully, this wasn't the case in my neighbourhood (We live in Metz, France).

If Doctors have come up with a list of precautions, follow them people!!

I saw a post on social media that immediately got my attention. During the times of war, men were asked to go to war for our country. In 2020, we are asked to stay home. A home filled with computers, gadgets, internet, video games, Netflix, .... It certainly could be worse, non? The modern army are our healthcare professionals. In the next days or weeks, because of our stupidity, these healthcare givers will have the stress and responsibility of handling and managing thousands of new cases coming in on top of the thousands that are already being treated! Certainly there's something we can do, right? And that's staying home!

So how was the first day of my confinement? Well as you might have guessed it, I am pissed!

But I've had to put aside that anger at some point during the day to do some work from home, talk to friends, spend time with my daughter, watch Crash Landing on You (❤️❤️) and cook for my husband (who is a healthcare worker!).

Special dedication to Baby Girl who says it's more tiring to be at home with me than working at school. 😂😂 She took a nap at around 4PM to refuel her energy. If you know her personally, you know this never happens. I had to check her a couple of times for fever!

Now that the President has been back on television as of this evening to confirm a lockdown for the next 2 weeks, my most sincere thoughts and prayers go to the healthcare professionals. To my friends, family, and my husband - I love you. We might not be able to see each other for a while, but you are in my thoughts. This scene from a bad movie will eventually come to an end.

Stay safe!

xoxo Elodie

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