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Creamy Prawn Gochujang Pasta | Recipe

Updated: May 9, 2022

Hey, you! 😀😀

I always have lots of Asian spices and paste in my fridge and Gochujang is one of them. Gochujang a spicy paste used in Korean cooking, made from red chilli peppers, fermented soya beans, rice, and salt. But I realised that I always make the same recipe with it - Korean Spicy chicken. So I thought I would try something new for a change.

Creamy Prawn Gochujang Pasta is a nice and delicious east meets west dish worth trying. It turned out sooooo good! Savory, with a hint of sweetness, creamy, and deliciously spicy! ♥️

For this video, we used the Tefal Daily Chef Cooking Pan (click here to get it). I use it all the time! The size is perfect for us and it comes with a cover.

I usually buy Gochujang at our local Asian store, but if you don't you can find it on good ol' Amazon (click here to get it).

Gochujang paste is spicy so please adjust according to how hot you want it to be. For us, I added 2 tablespoons - it was spicy but doable.

Who else has Gochujang paste in the fridge at the moment? 😁😁

xoxo Elodie

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