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DJI POCKET 2 | Unboxing & Video Footage

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Hey, you! 📹

Guess what?! After months and months of hesitation, we decided to splurge and buy a DJI Pocket 2 (click here)! *excited*

I was super excited to open the package that I could barely believe it. LOL. I received it on time, but I was surprised by the lack of protection. There was a crumpled brown paper on one side but nothing on the other. Thankfully, the DJI Pocket 2 arrived in one piece and working!

The Camera DJI Pocket 2 came with several parts:

↳ USB-C Connector for Smartphone

↳ Tripod Support

↳ Mini Joystick

↳ Lightning Connector for iPhone

↳ Camera Charger

↳ Wrist Strap

↳ Case

↳ Manual

Things to know:

You won't be able to use the DJI Pocket 2 unless you:

↳ have a smartphone

↳ download the DJI Mimo App

↳ buy a microSD card (click here)

First impression:

↳ it's not as easy as it seems to use (I will definitely watch videos online to help me)

↳ it feels fragile when handled

↳ the quality of the microphone is fantastic!

For those who have it already, what do you think of it? Any regrets?

xoxo Elodie

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