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Doha, Qatar - Doha Marriott Hotel and Marriott Marquis City Center (Qatar 2016 Series #7)

While we enjoyed immensely our stay at Doha, I have to be honest that the main reason we went to Doha was family. We love traveling, but there are so many other countries on our to-go-to list. But like I mentioned – family was our main purpose for this trip.

My husband has 1 brother and 3 sisters. Everyone lives in a different country, which makes it difficult to meet up whenever we want to.  His brother lives in Doha, Qatar, his eldest sister lives in Texas, US, his second sister lives close to Vancouver, Canada, and his younger sister lives in Doha, Qatar.

My sister-in-law works at the Doha Marriott Hotel in Qatar. She has been working there for years, but she will be leaving in a couple of months. She’s off to new adventures in a new country.

Although new experiences are always fun, I’m sure that her last days will be bittersweet. It’s understandable as her colleagues, the staff of Doha Marriott Hotel, are all very sweet and nice. We met a lot of them during our stay and we were welcomed by such lovely people!

The Spa.This was in the area by the spa. I love these arch walls! <3

The Swimming Pool.On a perfect sunny afternoon, we couldn’t help but enjoy the pool. That’s the Husband in the photo above.

Lobby Lounge. In the evening, there was Christmas Carolling since it was right in the Christmas period. While watching the staff singing and dancing to Christmas songs, we enjoyed a nice cup of tea and cookies at the lobby.

One evening, we had dinner at one of the hotel restaurant. Before having dinner, I decided to go and take photos of the outside of the hotel.

Asia Live! Restaurant. We were invited by my husband’s family friend for dinner at Asia Live!. Yes, another Asian restaurant, but oh-my-God, this might have been the best and most memorable meal I had during this trip.

I can’t remember how long it had been since I’ve had a proper Teppanyaki  dinner. So naturally, I sat down like a good girl, waiting for dinner to begin.

Dinner started with a Green Salad. This was accompanied by cucumber and tomato slices and topped with a ginger vinaigrette.

Next up was a Classic Miso Soup with Tofu.

Then, we had 2 pieces of California Maki.

Then the floor show finally started.

Our personal chef started with Mixed Vegetables Teppanyaki.

Mixed Vegetables seasoned with soy sauce.

Then, he got started with the Fried Rice.

Yes, I love you (it was backwards – I don’t think Mr. Chef noticed it).

The Lobster and Big Gambas were patiently waiting their turn, while the chef finalized his Fried Rice. This was (and still is mouthwatering) to look at.

Vegetable and Egg Fried Rice

He quickly proceeded to cook the big Gambas and Lobsters.

A little bit of everything, but not yet a perfect plate.

Now with Scallops– this is a perfect plate! ❤️

We then continued with the meat. At this point, I have to admit that I was a bit full. But we still had Teppanyaki Chicken and Beef next.

Teppanyaki Chicken.

Teppanyaki Beef.

This was wonderfully delicious, but I remembered having a hard time finishing my plate.

Nevertheless ….. ta-daaaaa, I did it! 😊

On our last night in Doha (which also happened to be New Year’s Eve), we checked-in the Marriott Marquis which is located in the city center, amongst the skyscrapers.

The Marriott Marquis is much more modern and I believe bigger than the Doha Marriott Hotel. But I know that months after our stay, the Doha Marriott Hotel was planning to go under some renovation. I can’t help but think of how beautiful it looks like now.

The reception staff were very competent and friendly. We absolutely had no problem checking-in or out.

Our room was the typical hotel room. Very clean and pretty decent.

The weather wasn’t that great that day. It was windy, therefore chilly. Neverthless, Baby Girl insisted on going to the pool with her day. They probably stayed a maximum of 1 hour before getting out of there trembling. LOL.

I think my sister-in-law and I were a bit smarter. We preferred lounging while gossiping on these outdoor daybeds. 😉

xoxo Elodie

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