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Easter Sunday 2019

Hello, you! A couple of days ago we celebrated Easter. We usually like to spend the day with my family, but this year it wasn’t possible. The Husband was working that Sunday and my sister and her husband were invited to spend the weekend with friends. So we decided we would stay home and have a quiet celebration.

Normally, we go to church for mass, but because the Husband was working we didn’t have enough time to do so. Unlike in the Philippines, the schedule for mass here in France is very precise. In other words, there isn’t a mass every hour of the day. It’s 11:30AM or nothing.

But I didn’t want us to stay home; I wanted to go out even if for just a couple of hours only. So, I woke up super early to prepare lunch, then decided to go with the Husband and Baby Girl to Woippy Plage.

I don’t remember now where I read about the Egg Hunt in Woippy Plage, but I figured why not go? Baby Girl is 10 years old now and I know that in a couple of years (or maybe in a year), it won’t be cool to go Easter egg hunting with her parents anymore.

La Familia ❤️❤️

The Husband had to go to work, so we went home as soon as the egg hunt was done. Of course, Baby Girl ruined her appetite with the chocolates she got!

Easter Sunday 2019 Lunch Menu:

-Roasted Lamb with its gravy

-Roasted Garlic Asparagus

-Gratin Dauphinois

At work, the Husband receives a lot of chocolates especially during this season. This is just one of the many many boxes he received this year, which we enjoyed as dessert. We didn’t finish it of course!

I am aware that we haven’t been celebrating Easter as we used to when we were living in the Philippines. Admittedly the biggest change we’ve experienced since our move here is the practice of our religion. I’m not going to go into too much details but … Our faith hasn’t changed, far from that. But we just feel that church and religion here isn’t as accessible. Truthfully, I’ve given up going to church because sadly it just isn’t compatible with our schedule. But like I just said, our faith hasn’t changed. But instead of going to church, it has become something more individual and personal I guess. Do you get what I mean?

xoxo Elodie

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