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F*ck you, Covid-19!!

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Hey, you! The worst thing about this situation is that we are at war with something that is invisible. No one is holding a gun. No one is planting bombs. But just because we don't see our enemy, doesn't mean it isn't there. Because it is there, taking down the world one man at a time.

I woke up around 3 am this morning. I had been turning and tossing around. Then I decided to look around social media. That's when my breath stopped for a second.

Dr. Dennis Tudtud passed away on March 31, 4 days after the death of his wife due to Covid-19. His son posted it online. Worst thing is, it's his birthday today. I couldn't help but cry. And I certainly couldn't go back to sleep. My fingers decided to type him a message.

Your father is my hero. You and I don't know each other personally, but it seems that we have a lot of friends in common. It is with immense pain that I'm sending you this message for the loss of your parents. I didn't know your mom, but from what I've heard she was an amazing woman. Your father, on the other hand, I knew quite well. In 1998, my mother at the age of 32 years old was diagnosed with a breast cancer. She was operated once, twice, thrice, then it was her lungs, and in the end it was her brain. For 8 long years, my weeks consisted of accompanying my mom at either the hospital or at your father's office. Our appointments were usually the day after he would come back from Cagayan de Oro. I knew he prioritised my mom because she was a young mother and he knew that I needed her. I was 8 years old and an only child when she was first diagnosed. I didn't have the ideal and perfect childhood, but thanks to your dad I had my mommy. He gave her beyond medication help, he gave her strength to hold on. My father is French and I'll always remember the story of the time your dad went to Paris for work and a pickpocket stole his wallet. He was so stunned to know there were stealers in Paris and he didn't even feel a thing! At the time, I'm sure he must have been pissed, but when he told us the story he had a huge smile on his face and was laughing about it. For 8 years, he saw me grew up and I saw the hand he would put on my shoulder become smaller and smaller on my growing shoulder. When I was 16, on a January evening, he called me up at home, his voice was shaky to tell me to go to the hospital and sleep the night there. My mom was dying and breathing her last breaths. The last time I saw him was at my debut. He came for dinner with your mom. As he left, he looks at me and said that my mom would have been very proud of me. I have never forgotten that smile. I know that he touched so many lives. I will pray for him, for your mom, for you, and your family. I have lost both of my parents as well. It hurts beyond any thing in the world, but you will get through this. Feel the pain, but also feel the love given by the people. People whose lives were touched by your amazing parents. And people who love you very much. Take it with you as you continue your life knowing you have 2 angels looking down to you.


xoxo Elodie

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