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Fox Coffee in Metz, France

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Hey, you! Last Sunday morning, I was out and about in the city of Metz. I love this city. It’s not as big and dynamic as Paris, but it is pretty charming. Metz is rich in history, there are lots of green spaces, the people are pretty friendly, and there are wonderful places to check out. I’ve been living here for a year now and I am always excited to see what the city has to offer.

So like I mentioned earlier, I was in the city center of Metz last Sunday. My day out started with l’Eglise Saint-Martin. Baby Girl has decided to have her communion. We had a general meeting 2 weeks ago and we were informed of how serious this event is. Not only does Baby Girl have to go to catechism class, but we, the parents, have to refresh our knowledge as well. This is no joke. While the Husband and I initially thought that this was kinda strange, I now understand why it is so. Unfortunately, the Catholic religion is slowly going down here. A lot of the 30-40 years old have become passive believers, going to mass 2-3 times maximum per year. Baptism, communion, and confirmation are mostly done to acquire the title rather than actually understanding the process. It’s sad, but it’s the truth reality. The mass last Sunday (one amongst many others) marks the beginning of our almost 1-year journey to Baby Girl’s communion.

I personally love visiting churches, but it’s sometimes hard to find an open church. Basically, I have to go to mass to be able to see the inside of the church. L’Eglise Saint-Martin is very nice.

After the mass, I decided to walk to the direction of this new coffee shop I had heard so much about. Since I was alone that morning – Baby Girl was away on the Scouts weekend and the Husband was working – this was my « me » time, which I don’t often get much of these days. And what a wonderful way to have this « me » time than on a cool Autumn day. By the way, fall is my favorite season. 😉

This 10-minute walk was exactly what I needed to clear my head. Beautiful old gates, historical architecture, peaceful city, and green spaces.

Fox Coffee in Metz, France.What is it? It’s the first independent coffee shop in Metz.What do they offer?They have lots of choices – from coffees, tea, and fresh fruit juice to sandwiches, salads, and pastries. They even offer breakfast.What makes them different? First, the vintage décor. Second, the friendly and smiley people. Third, every month they feature different pastry chefs. And fourth, they also exhibit the works of local artists.How did I hear about this place? Instagram! 😊

It’s hard to choose exactly what you want when you have so many choices on display in front of you. But I think I was reasonable.

I finally decided on a Bagel, a Fresh Fruit Juice, and a Latte, which I enjoyed happily on a small table by the counter.

In front of me was this beautifully decorated wall. I’m not a fan of vintage in my home, but I do love it here. By the way, what’s inside the mason jar pitchers is complimentary to all customers. I didn’t think of giving it a try.

On my left was this shelf filled by lots of décor pieces and books.

On my left was this shelf filled by lots of décor pieces and books.

The Fresh Fruit Juice of the Day was a combination of apple juice + cucumber + carrot. Thumbs up! I’ve been thinking of buying a juicer to have this kind of juice at home.Should I or not?

The Latte was gone before I could remember to take a picture. It is served unsweetened. Each table is equipped with a sugar bowl so you can more or less sweeten it yourself. I love the idea of serving Latte in this kind of glass.

Conclusion – I love this place. In fact, I’ve been telling everyone I see about Fox Coffee. Even the Husband wants to see what I’m talking about. Hihihi. Problem? It’s close to my office, which is not really a problem for me, but for the hhhmmm … wallet. Oh well, you only have one life and I intend on living it well.

xoxo Elodie

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