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Halloween Week 2023

Updated: Jan 3

Hey, you! 👻

I had my niece's kids at home for the week, last week. They are 3 and 5 years old and I love them so much. I try to take care of them during spring break and autumn break every year. My niece trusts me and she likes having a break, as well as my sister who helps her a lot all year long. On the other hand, my daughter stays with my niece during the summer and winter break. The break does me good too. 😁

The kids arrived on the eve of Halloween and immediately, my living room was filled with toys everywhere. 😂

On Halloween, we went to the city center of Metz, especially to the Centre Saint Jacques for trick-or-treating. I had seen online that some stores were participating. They basically taped an orange sheet of paper on their window display so we could see who was participating or not. Most stores were cool and gave the kids candies, but I found it weird that other stores only gave candies if you bought something from their store. I found that incredible and not in a good way. I judge anyone who would refuse giving candies to children treat-or-treating. Sorry!

My little niece is my husband's God-daughter. She absolutely loves him! All day long, you can hear her say, "Il est ou parrain? Il est la parrain? Il fais quoi parrain?" (Where's Godfather?, Is Godfather here? What's Godfather doing?) It's cute, but I have to admit it stings a little. I spend the whole day with her, but I feel like she would rather be with the Husband instead. Hahaha.

I brought her to enjoy some rides, but deep inside, I know she should have preferred being with her Godfather. Ahhh jealousy! Meanwhile, her brother was enjoying some quality time with my daughter at volleyball camp. He was super tired that evening.

The next day we went to the public library. The kids love going there every time they come over. And we're so lucky to have several public libraries in our city. In fact, this was the first time to go to this one, l'Agora. It was perfect timing as they were having a Halloween Party with free makeup, food, games, a haunted room, and a DJ set! We had so much fun!

The kids and the Husband worked on a special project the whole week - making a small house out of boxes! The kids couldn't exactly go in and play, but they enjoyed making the plans, shaping it, and on the last day, they painted it.

And here it is all done! Which sadly, also means that it was time for the kids to go home.


How was your Halloween?

xoxo Elodie

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