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Happy 2022!

Hey, you! 🥳🥳

First of all, I wish you a very happy and prosperous new year.

May 2022 be filled with success, wealth, and most especially good health!

Unfortunately, we had to change our New Year's Eve plans at the last minute because a friend was feeling under the weather and also because one of the Husband's colleague tested positive to Covid. There are more and more cases at the moment so we decided to stay home just the three of us.

While the Husband went to the store to get everything we needed, I started preparing the Lumpia Shanghai and Dumplings. Preparation is key because New Year's Eve in our family is composed of a lot of dishes and each dish has an important significance. Yes, I am a little superstitious. Hahaha.

Here is everything we prepared for the past 2 days. Let me tell you which dish I prepared and why.

Pancit Bihon - long noodles for a long life

Crispy Pata & Pork BBQ - pork is believed to bring good luck, contrary to chicken which should never be prepared for New Year's Eve!

Roasted Whole Fish - fish symbolises abundance because the scales look like coins

Camaron Rebosado - shrimp represents liveliness and happiness

Steamed Wontons - wontons look like pouches of money and are believed to bring fortune

Steamed Bok Choy - the color green symbolises luck

Lumpia Shanghai - a wish for prosperity

This was for the savory part. Scroll down for the desserts for their symbolism.

The loves of my life ❤️❤️

Our turn to pose 😇😇

According to my plate, the New Year should be full of luck, fortune, prosperity, happiness, and wealth! Hahaha

Aside from the food, we also do certain things at midnight to welcome the new year. For example, we open all windows and indoors including closets and cupboards.

Oh yeah, we also wear polka dots because polka dots are round. Just like coins! 🤑🤑

As I said earlier, desserts also symbolise something.

12 Fruits - fruits for fortune

Biko - sticky rice for a family that sticks together

Round Cake - anything round represents money (again and again!)

The Leche Flan is for our own pleasure only because well, who doesn't love Filipino Leche Flan, right??

The 12 Fruits of Fortune are usually round, but pineapple, in Chinese, also means fortune cones so we include it as well.

It turns out that even if we had to change our plans at the last minute, we ended up having so much fun! Lots of food, traditions, and karaoke! Hahaha I'm glad we were able to adapt easily to the situation. I'm so ready for 2022!!!

xoxo Elodie

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