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The Christmas Song

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Hey, you! 😃

As promised I am back with more of the Christmas gifts we received this year. I just realized that this might be our last Christmas-themed post. Sad. Next time I'm here I'll probably be writing about the New Year.

Anyways ...

The Husband unfortunately had to go back to work on the 26th so we came back home on the 25th in the evening. We agreed we would go to bed early to fully rest, then wake up early the next day to take our time to open our Christmas gifts to each other before the Husband had to go to work.

Disclaimer: I don't like to do this, but again I want to focus on the fact that I'm not here to brag about the things we got. I recognise that we are very lucky. My goal is to give anyone who reads this, ideas for future gifts you might want to buy.

So here are the gifts we gave each other. Let's begin with me. From the husband, I received some kitchen things. I have dreamt of having an air-fryer for the longest time ever, without giving in. I'm happy the Husband did for me. Hehehe. I'm also very excited to read the Beautiful Boards book. At first glance, it is very interesting! Then, my 13-year old daughter surprised me with a pair of earrings, which was a huge and sweet surprise!

Cosori Air-Fryer: Click Here

Kopf Grill Plate: Click here

Beautiful Boards Cookbook: Click here

Dear Life: A Doctor's Story of Love, Loss, and Consolation: Click here

Earrings - Histoire d'Or: Click here

Next, here's what the Husband received from us. This was the first year that our daughter gave us gifts from her own pocket money. She is the sweetest kid ever! For her father, she gave him a perfume, which smells so good by the way. I tried to give things he mentioned during the year like the book and the work shoes. The hoodie is of course in reference to our little Bogart the Pug who loves his father so much!

Never Split the Difference Book: Click here

Best Pug Dad Hoodie: Click here

Work Shoes- Decathlon: Click here

Perfume from Adopt: Click here

Finally, let's see what S received from us this year. Her "big" gift for this Christmas is her new smartphone. In all honesty, I cannot afford to buy her the latest iPhone. I think that this Xiaomi model is nice. The Husband and I also have Xiaomi phones and they work well. I also got two books - she personally asked for Twilight. Gosh - to think that I read Twilight for the first time when I was just a few years older than her a million years ago. Hahaha I exaggerate. I also got her another Judy Blume book, because she loved "Are you there God? It's me Margaret." The blanket is a sweet gift. I'm hoping she finds comfort in it and maybe even brings it with her wherever she goes someday. ❤️❤️

Xiaomi Redmi 10: Click here

Twilight - Book: Click here

Weekly Planner - Uni-ball: Click here

To my Daughter - Blanket: Click here

Just as Long as We're Together - Book: Click here

Finally, let me share with you the gifts I got for us. Our family gifts, I guess. This is something that I like to do every year. Usually it is a board game, like this year's Dobble. I also got a Ping Pong set which can be used on any dining table. The Husband and the Daughter like to play Ping Pong. It's cold outside so they like to play at home, but with no net. They finally have one now! And for the last gift, this is something I've started doing since last year - a nice photobook. This year's theme is our road trip to the south of France 6 years ago. 😊

Dobble: Click here

Ping Pong Rollnet Set + Racket + Balls - Decathlon: Click here

Photo Book - Cheerz : Click here

So here are the gifts we opened at home, just the three of us. Again, we clearly spoiled each other!

What did you give your loved ones?

xoxo Elodie

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