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Happy 9th Birthday, Baby Girl!

HELLO!!! Today is Baby Girl’s 9th birthday and I’m so excited!

I can’t believe that 9 years ago I was trying to push a 7.1 pounds baby out of me (sorry for the image!). I ended up getting an emergency C-section. Those 11 hours spent in labor represent the most terrifying experience of my life. Inside of me, I knew that it was going to be complicated and at one point I informed the doctor that if there was a choice between the baby or me, she should save the baby.

August 9, 2008. Chong Hua Hospital – Cebu City, Philippines.

Perhaps I’ll share my birth story and pregnancy here. I know that when I tell the people around me, they always think it came straight out of a movie script. LOL.

The reason that I am so excited about today is of course because it’s baby girl’s birthday. But people who know me personally know that baby girl is probably the only child I will ever have. She is after all my miracle baby. 😊

As much as I love my daughter, I try not to over-spoil her. She is spoiled – she has a room full of toys, she has new clothes every season, we go out regularly together and she isn’t in need of anything. But when she asked me about her birthday gift for today, I gently reminded her of her birthday party at Trampoline Park (click here for the post) and all the gifts she received that day. Plus, this Sunday I invited my sister, her husband, my niece, her husband, and my nephew for a nice lunch at home to celebrate her birthday together. She is very close to my French family, so I knew this would make her very happy.

Last night, I allowed her to sleep with me. This is something that she often begs me for, but that I often refuse. She woke up in my arms this morning, which admittedly was so wonderful. I also asked my husband to work the morning shift so we could spend the evening together.

After a quick afternoon of working, I rushed home to prepare her favorite dish, Mac ‘n Cheese and I made her a simple chocolate birthday cake. It doesn’t look like much I know, but it’s tradition – I make her birthday cakes myself rather than buy at the store. I can bake a pretty decent cake, the decorating part is something else.

The smile that melt my heart every time.

Ultimately, all of this is to remind her that materials are materials. An Ipad does not replace the love of a mother and a father. Toys come and go, but family doesn’t. I would give away all the material I accumulated for one last moment with my father and mother. But that’s impossible. So Baby Girl might slightly be upset about not having the latest video game or an addition to her collection of Lego Friends, but she has parents that love her beyond anything in the world.

xoxo Elodie

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