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It's a New Year!

Hello 2021! Goodbye 2020.

May we never forget the year that was 2020. As bad as it was, it has reminded us that there are things that unfortunately we cannot control. Natural catastrophes, virus, death. But i's important to remember that there are things that we can control. A positive mindset, forgiveness, the golden rule. No matter how hard to past year was, we can always begin again because we are here. This is a new year.

I don't remember if I mentioned it here or not, but the Husband didn't celebrate the New Year with us last year. He was in the Philippines with his family. We were a bit sad, but in hindsight, I'm quite glad he did as it turned out to be his last new year celebration with his dad.

To make up for his absence, the Husband surprised us by taking a week off this year. A week of the 3 of us. No wait, the 4 of us. How could I forget our little fur baby???

New Year's is always a big deal in our household with traditions and whatnot. Each dish is carefully chosen and prepared for luck, for love, for prosperity, for wealth, for good health.

The 12 fruits. Sticky Rice. Noodles. Shrimps. Lots and lots of round food!

New Year was a bit quieter than usual, without our friends celebrating with us. But if this sacrifice keeps us safe and healthy, then so be it.

Goodbye 2020? Yeah! Hello 2021? Let's see what's in store for us. ☀️☀️

xoxo Elodie

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