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It was complicated to go back home! (Qatar Series 2016 #8)

After 10 days of vacation in Doha, Qatar, it was sadly time to go back home. Back to work, back to school, back to the cold,in short… time to go back to reality!

Unfortunately, our flight going back to Paris, France didn’t go as smoothly as our trip going to Doha, Qatar (click here for the post). Normally, we were supposed to fly home with Turkey Airlines (with a stopover in Istanbul). Turns out, Mother Nature had other plans for us. Apparently, it was snowing hard in Istanbul which made it impossible for any plane to land. Luckily, Turkish Airlines made sure to reassure us and got us direct flight tickets with Qatar Airways. I couldn’t help but admire how well and quick the Turkish Airlines employees handled the situation. In less than 1 hour, our problem was resolved.

The Big Bear. The obligatory photo when you are at the Doha International Airport.

Like I mentioned earlier, our flight plans were changed and we ended up flying with Qatar Airways. The flight was fully booked, but somehow the company airlines staff was able to get 3 seats together.

I thought that this was the end of our problems. Unfortunately, it was only the beginning. Three hours after taking off, the pilot announced that we had to go back to Doha for medical reasons.Grrr …People started freaking out. So we went back to Doha, arrived in Doha, waited, and took off again.

Our total flying time was 11 hours instead of 7 hours. I think that the person-in-charge of the flight hadn’t anticipated the extra number of passengers. We were given only 1 meal (breakfast) and drinks were limited.

Breakfast was: Scrambled Eggs, Sausage, Roasted Potatoes, and Mushrooms in a Tomato Sauce, a Croissant, Strawberry Yogurt, Fruit Salad, and Orange Juice.

After 11 hours of flying (I couldn’t take it anymore), we finally landed in Paris. Our train going home was the next day so we spent the night at an airport hotel (the post will be next). After the plane, train, and car ride, we were more than happy to be finally home.

Pasalubongs– any Filipino knows what that means.

Our suitcases were filled with Pasalubongs, from stuff for us, to gifts for our friends and family, and of course, Filipino food!!!

xoxo Elodie

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