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Jollibee - first meal of the trip, or was it? | Philippines Trip 2023

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

Hey, you! 🍝

Remember what the late Queen Elizabeth said "recollections may vary"??

Well, as much as I would love to say that Jollibee was our first meal of our Philippines trip - it was not. But in my mind it is. LOL.

You see, when we settled in our hotel room (click here for the post), I was dying to shower, eat, and sleep. Instead of joining my husband and daughter in buying dinner out, I immediately ran to the bathroom. In my mind I was thinking, "oh yeah, let them walk in the hot humidity and get food while I have a niceeeee long bath."

But that's when another familiar quote came to mind, "never send a man to do a woman's job".

Imagine my surprise when they came back to our hotel room with Shawarma Rice.

Shawarma? SHAWARMA?! That's like the cousin of Doner Kebab here and we have that allllll the time back home. So why the hell would he buy Shawarma?

What about Jollibee? Lechon? Potato Corner? Shakey's? Chowking? The choices were there, so whyyyyyy???

"I thought you would like to eat rice, my love," he quietly said.

Oomphh ... Cue in the rolling eyes 🙄🙄🙄

Apparently the lechon place sold lechon but without rice. Then why the hell didn't he buy the Shawarma Rice + the Lechon???? Ayayayay ... *shaking my head*

"If it's not okay, I can go back", he offered.

Should I have said yes? I wouldn't know because I said no. I guess it served me right for not going with them. But mannnnnn, sometimes I just wished we were on the same wavelength. Because let me give you a little scoop, this isn't the only time he did something like this on this trip.

And by the way, the Shawarma Rice wasn't even good.

But anyways ... I'm over it. *breathe in, breathe out*


So as I mentioned in the previous post, our first meal *ahem* was at Jollibee.

And boy, what a meal it was. I would give anything to be able to bottle that moment of pure happiness.

As we sat down on one of the tables, I kept telling our daughter, "We're here. I can't believe we're here. Oh my goshn we're here." She must have thought I was acting strange.

But enough of that, let's talk food:

I couldn't decide if I wanted the Fried Chicken or the Spaghetti, and then I realized why not do both?? Oh and I got rice too for good measure. LOL

The spaghetti was exactly what I thought it would be - sweet and savory in one bite. Those sliced hotdogs, that creamy cheese. Oh myyyy. 🤤🤤

Look at that chicken. Perfectly crispy on the outside and tender and moist in the inside. And so full of flavor! Why did I only get one??

We also got an order of Pancit Palabok, which is another favorite of mine! If you haven't tried Pancit Palabok yet, you should! It's a Filipino noodle dish with shrimp sauce and topped with pork, shrimp, crushed chicharon, and egg. Make sure to add a squeeze of calamansi juice!

For our dessert, we absolutely had to have their Peach Mango Pie. This is a pocket pie filled with a hot peach and mango filling. The crust is perfectly crunchy and flaky. It's so hard to resist!

Just look at that 😍😍

I think that what we love best about Jollibee is their consistency. Nothing has changed in the taste and even after all these years, that familiar goodness is there. They have kept their winning recipes that we absolutely love and somehow continue to deliver year after year. It's a true value for people that move abroad and come back home for vacation. They know that they can come to Jollibee for that familiar experience. I just wished consistency was true to their portion and price, but hey, inflation is real, right? Can't have it all, I guess. LOL.

What would you like to try at Jollibee?

xoxo Elodie


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