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Korean Fried Chicken (Erwann Heussaff Recipe)

Hello! Or should I say, Annyeonghaseyo??

As I mentioned in a previous post (click here), Baby Girl and I watched the Korean drama series Crash Landing on You during the confinement last March-April. We loved the series. Baby Girl could not help but cry. I, on the other hand, could not help but stare at the food shots. 🤤🤤

Oh gosh, the food shots! Korean Fried Chicken. Lots and lots of Korean Fried Chicken!!

I just knew that I would make some at home some day. Those who know me personally know the love story I have with chicken. If I was certain no one would complain at home, I would probably cook chicken everyday. Chicken Tinola Soup, Whole Roasted Chicken, Chicken Adobo, Chicken Tacos, or Fried Chicken...!!!

At about the same time I was ready to experiment with the recipe, Erwann Heussaff uploaded a video of his version of Korean Fried Chicken (click here). I figured I would try it out and test it first.

So The Husband and I decided to make our own Youtube video of us testing the recipe. We followed the exact recipe from start to finish. There were some things we thought were unnecessary and a bit confusing, while others I know I will keep in my family favourites book.

First we used chicken drumsticks and thighs. I decided to keep the bone in the thighs, but I later realised that without the bone would have definitely been better. Especially when tossed in the red sauce.

Next, the marinade. He used vodka, which I honestly thought wasn't necessary. I'll keep my vodka for something else. 😂

I can find Korean coating at my local Asian store, but I thought it was cool to make it from scratch. Buuuuuttttt..... I really really didn't like the aftertaste of the baking powder. I don't exactly know what baking powder brings to the recipe, but I think flour, cornstarch, onion powder, garlic powder, salt, and black pepper is enough for the coating.

The next part is where I got confused. In Erwann's video, he mentions adding a cup of coating and a cup of milk to the chicken. The confusing part was whether to remove the vodka marinade or not. I didn't, but I probably should have. He mentions something like a pancake batter, but mine turned out too liquid!!!

I love Fried Chicken, but for a couple of years now I've switched to baking my chicken rather than deep-frying. Too much oil which is not a sight I like to hold.

I completely agree with Erwann's theory of double-frying for that super crunchy result.This is what is done in France with French Fries. The first round of frying cooks the potatoes, the second makes the outside of the potato crunchy. Another key is to pay attention to the temperature. Make sure it is not too low and not too high either.

This is why I ended up buying a food thermometer from the store Alice Delice (click here) just for this. Turns out the one I got is also a timer and has a magnet on the back. So practical in the kitchen!

The wonderful surprise to this recipe was the Red Sauce. it was my first time to work with Gojuchang and I'm so glad I could find it in our local Asian store! The red sauce had the perfect balance of sweet, sour, savory, and spicy! I will definitely be making this again and again in the future; After all, I do have a big tub of Gojuchang in my fridge. Any other recipe I can make with it? 😊

xoxo Elodie

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