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L'Atelier Durum in Paris, France

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Hey, you! 🌯

I found l'Atelier Durum on social media and I just knew I had to include it in our Paris plans. My Husband is a huuuuuge fan of wrap sandwiches which is the specialty here. The cherry on top is one of the desserts they make which I haven't found anywhere in France to this day so this was just perfect. And as if the universe really wanted us to come here, our hotel for the first night turned out to be walking distance. Let me say it again - Perfect!

Above is the reels I made last week of l'Atelier Durum. I actually discovered the restaurant thanks to a reels I stumbled upon on Instagram, so I hope I can help someone else discover this place with mine.

The faces of excited, hungry people.

If you want to enjoy a Durum, a Turkish speciality then you gotta come here. Everything is homemade starting from the flatbread to the meat marinating in spices directly imported from Turkey.

Each durum is filled with meat of choice - there’s also the vegetarian option, salad, fresh vegetables and herbs. I had the lamb durum while the Husband and S had the chicken. This isn’t drenched In a sauce so you can really appreciate the flavours of the grilled tender meat and the freshness of the vegetables.

The cherry of top of this amazing experience is the Kunefe. We discovered this dessert thanks to my sister in law in Qatar. This was as excellent and exquisite as I remembered it to be.

Kunefe is a traditional Middle Eastern dessert, which can also be found in Turkey and Greece. It is a sweet cheese pastry made of angel hair noodles, unsalted cheese, and sweet syrup. It is served hot and topped with cream and crushed pistachios. It's not the usual dessert we like to order, but we absolutely love it!

And lastly, I just wanted to give a special mention to the people working here who were ever-smiling and very friendly!

How do you enjoy Durums? Have you already tried the Kunefe dessert?

xoxo Elodie

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