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Paris: Day 2 - March 2022

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Hey, you! 🤩🤩

It's Day 2 of our Paris trip and am as excited as ever! So far, everything has been going good.

At about 9am, we checked out from The Playce Hotel by HappyCulture (click here for the post) to go to our morning appointment at 10am.

Our appointment was at the Philippines Embassy. The next post will be all about our experience with renewing our passports. It went quite well!

This is La Maison de la Radio, which is the headquarters of Radio France (French public service radio broadcaster). I couldn't help but wonder what was happening inside those buildings and what radio shows were going on at that moment.

Paris is a city that's excellent for walking. I just love it!

Especially when all of a sudden you can come eye-to-eye with the Iron Lady.

It was cloudy and a bit cool, but thankfully it wasn't raining!

We planned on eating at a typical Parisian bistro, so I included Bistrot Blériot in our plans. A post will be coming up here soon.

My favorite tourists 🥰 🥰

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page. — Saint Augustine

I saw this quote a long time ago and promised myself I would do my best to share my love for travels with my daughter. Not all classrooms have 4 walls after all!

Of course, everyone knows The Statue of Liberty that was given to the US from the French as a symbol of the Franco-american friendship. But do you know that there is one in Paris as well? A friend told me that in fact both statues face one another.

After lunch, we left the 16th arrondissement to go to the other side of Paris to our hotel. We took a bus, but honestly it was such a hassle. I thought we could get our tickets from the bus driver, like in Metz, but surprise surprise ... you can't. I was told to do it by phone, which took me forever to figure out. I was finally able to do it with my telephone and internet provider, but I couldn't help but wonder about the tourists? How are they supposed to buy their bus tickets??? Or our buses only meant to be taken by the locals?

Along the Seine River, you will find lots of artists working and stalls of books and artwork.

For our second night, we stayed at Hotel Les Deux Girafes in the 11th arrondissement.

We made ourselves very comfortable at Hotel Les Deux Girafes. It was hard not to honestly!

We had big plans for this evening, but sadly the Husband wasn't feeling very well. S too. So we decided to order food delivery and stay in.

The two noodles dishes we ordered from Trois Fois Plus de Piment were underwhelming. The Dan Dan Noodles was overcooked and tasted like paste and the Szechuan Beef Noodles was not good as well. I thought there was something off with the meat. Moreover, I had specifically asked for utensils since we were staying at a hotel and they completely forgot. 😡

On the other hand the Banh Mi from Nonette Banh Mi and Donuts was excellent. It was buy one-take on! I've been craving for Banh Mi ever since. Yum-yum!

We also ordered Milk Tea from Xing Fu Tang - the Creme Brûlée and the Brown Sugar Boba Milk. They were good, but I thought they were quite heavy. Turns out it was made with whole milk!

After dinner, I wasn't feeling well. The Husband and S decided to go out of the hotel for some fresh air. Unlike the night before, the streets nearby were calm and quiet, but with lots of businesses and stores.

Out for fresh air and drinking water errand.

I was a bit sad that I couldn't go with them. Instead I was making friends with the toilet seat because as you probably might have guessed by now - I fell ill. I have an idea of what happened to me, but honestly I can't be too sure. I was disappointed about changing tonight's plan, but wait till you read about day 3.

How do you say "bad luck" in your language? Mine --> f*cker

xoxo Elodie

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