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Le Marché de St. Thérèse | Farmer's Market in Metz, France

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Hey, you! 🍇🥦🍅

Just wanted to share with you our lil Sunday routine when the husband isn't working - we love going to the Farmer's Market! A little tip: try buying from a local farmer instead of a reseller. The quality is far superior!

It’s another Sunday here.

When it’s Sunday and the Husband isn’t working, that also means Farmer’s Market Day.

This is one activity that our family particularly likes to do. Whenever we move to a new city or we travel, we always try to check out the local market. We find that the local market represents a lot of the local culture and it’s very educative. There are things that you can find at the local market that you simply can’t find at the supermarket!

There are several farmer’s market in the city we currently live in. One for each day of the week if I’m not mistaken. Because of our busy work schedule, the one that best suits us is the one on Sunday. It’s also the closest to where we live. Around 5 minutes by car.

Le Marché de Saint Therese is the one that takes place on Sunday.

Ideally located in Place Philippe de Vigneules (the Sainte-Thérèse church is on one side,

La Cigale bar on the other), tis market has a great atmosphere. Here, there are no less than thirty stalls, where merchants and local producers sell many seasonal products.

Because it is quite popular and loved by locals, parking space might be a bit tough to find. It depends on the time you visit the market. But you can always find a spot around, just be patient and be on the look-out. By the way, the market is opened From 8am to around 1pm, although you might not find much then. After noon, the merchants and producers usually start packing up their things.

It is an open-air market. We enjoy walking around any time of the year, Well maybe a little less when it’s raining. But you know what I mean. It is such a joy for me to see the seasonal produce.

Fish, fruits and vegetables, cheese, honey... Success guaranteed for roast chickens!

But there are also olives, oriental bread, Turkish delicacy and there’s also like an air of Italy with homemade pizza.

The perfect market day is walking around the market with a nice basket in hand. The walk starts with a Belgian waffle and a cup of coffee. That is eaten while checking out the fruit and vegetable stall at the right. They have nice choices, but my heart belongs to the local producers at the end of the market. A few steps ahead are the oriental stuffed galettes.

Sometimes we’ll share one to eat during our walk, other times we buy 3 to bring home with us.

Straight in that direction is the way to our favorite roasted chicken. We like to go around the market first then later come back to this point to get our chicken. That is on the right. On the left, is the nice man and his mushrooms. He has the most wonderful selection of seasonal mushrooms. He even goes to the woods himself to get some.

A Poulet moyen or a medium sized Chicken is more than enough for us Sometimes we also get roasted potatoes or boulghour. Do not hesitate to ask for extra sauce. They’ll gladly give you some for no extra cost!

At the end of the market is our favorite local producer. Their farm is nearby and they have the freshest fruits and vegetables. You know they’re good because they always have lots of people waiting to be served. I didn’t know this before but some stalls are actually resellers.

Their produce usually come from other countries. A lot of times fruits are harvested before they are ripe so they can take the ride. The quality is just not the same in my opinion.

Right after it is a cheese and charcuterie truck If I feel like it, I’ll get some. That’s usually after the nice man or woman gives us a piece to taste. It’s just so hard to say no sometimes!

Next, we have arrived at my favorite spot of the market. Here you can find an elderly man making homemade pizza on his own. I feel like he’s like my own grandpa and I was so worried after not seeing him when the market re-opened last year due to the pandemic. But he’s back and back to his art. His Calzone is the best one I’ve had so far!

Finally, it is time to get the roasted chicken which is our clue to go home. We can’t wait to dig into it!

xoxo Elodie

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