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Maison Baci in Metz, France

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Hello, you! Back in April, the husband and I decided to try out the restaurant, Maison Baci, in Metz. Baby girl was on her spring break and was staying the week with my niece. The husband and I took advantage of that time to try out different places. Some of which I actually blogged about on Dinner at Six Thirty. I think I’ll transfer some of these posts here when I have the time.

Anyways, Maison Baci came highly recommended by some of my trainees, while others absolutely hated it. I wanted to make my own opinion of it. Turns out, my experience wasn’t great. 😒

I guess it all started when we were seated at our table. I honestly don’t get the whole white-bathroom-tile-and-dangling-light-bulb décor. Doesn’t it seem like a psychiatric center would look like? I found it extremely cold. Considering that Maison Baci is an Italian restaurant, it didn’t fit at all with the theme!

Moreover, I had seen photos of the place and the other rooms are incredibly gorgeous. Downstairs has a rustic Italian feel, but unfortunately there is only a big table. Upstairs, there are two rooms. One has a modern, colorful Scandinavian feel and the other, the psychia ward. Boo!

I debated internally whether to stay or not. But it was 9PM. The husband was hungry, I was hungry. A glass of red wine and everything would be fine.

Little did I know what was coming up next.

First glance at the menu and I thought there were nice choices. A little expensive, but still ok. But then I saw 29 Euros for a Risotto, I thought to myself, « what the hell is in their Risotto? » « Green asparagus », the waiter said nicely. Gulp … Okaayyyy.

Dolia - Sardinia

I think the nice waiter saw my reaction and quickly brought my glass of red wine. I’m not a wine expert, but this red from Sardinia did a wonderful job of making me temporarily forget about the first part of our dinner.

Vitello Tonnato - 13.50 Euros

The next part was great though, especially when I saw that Vitello Tonnatowas on the menu. I’ve always wanted to try this dish. Veal with a tuna sauce. I know I said that I try not to eat veal meat as much as possible, but this was an exception to the rule. I was excited to dig in into this. But when I saw my plate and its colorful presentation, I honestly didn’t know where to start. But when I finally dug into it, there was no stopping me. I absolutely loved this!

Bruschetta del Pappa al Pomodoro et Culatello - 8.50 Euros

The husband had the Bruschetta del Pappa al Pomodore et Culatello. Looking at him eating, I knew he was enjoying his dish as much as I was with mine. He is a big fan of tomato bruschetta and the Culatello (prosciutto?) was just the cherry on top.

Gnocchi a la Mortadelle, Creme Parmesane et Petit Pois - 14.90 Euros

The husband then had the Gnocchi a la Mortadelle, Crème Parmesane et Petit Pois for his main dish. At home, we eat from time to time Gnocchi, but it’s the store-bought Lustucru kind. He wanted to experience what real non store-bought Gnocchi tasted like. The amount of sauce in the dish didn’t really give him the experience he was looking for.

Raviolis Farcis aux Cèpes, Creme Parmesane - 14.90 Euros

I want to say that my main dish, Raviolis Farcis aux Cepes, Crème Parmesane was the worst of the meal, but unfortunately that came next. Nevertheless, I was very disappointed by my ravioli dish. I don’t know what the hell was in the ravioli stuffing, but I swear it burned my throat. It was very very very strong! One bite, two bites, and stop. This rarely ever happens, but I left my plate nearly untouched.

We were given extra parmesan, but trust me we didn’t need it. Nothing could save our dishes at this point.

Tiramisu - 7 Euros

Like I mentioned above, we had the worst for the last.

At first glance, this Tiramisu looks harmless. Delicious, sinful and enticing even. But ….

It turned out to be soupy. Yay! That’s just how you want your Tiramisu to be. *insert sarcasm* For 7 Euros, I’m glad we decided to just share one. But still …!!!

I definitely was not amazed by our dinner at Maison Baci. I guess you could say that I had both extremes – really good and really really bad. The only thing that would make me come back would be 1.) to be in the Scandinavian room, and 2.) try another seasonal menu (apparently they change their menu every season). Perhaps the next time might turn out surprisingly good.

Isn’t Place Saint Louis in Metz beautiful at night?

So even though dinner didn’t turn out as I would have wanted, I did have an excellent evening. Because nothing beats being with my honey, even if my throat burns from my food and even if I have to slurp my dessert! LOL

xoxo Elodie

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