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Lockdown Extended to May 11

Hey, you! 🌞

So I just finished watching the news and well, the lockdown was extended to May 11 as announced by the French president. I was expecting it. Of course, I was. But while a lot of people think that 1 more month seems like the end of the world, I feel like it might not even be enough. Truthfully, I'm a little afraid of de-confinement.

The President's speech was at least 20 minutes I think. I sat through it all and I couldn't help but wonder about some of the points he mentioned. First, apparently, was that schools will open on May 11. Hmmm...I know that this is to help out parents so that they can get back to work and then the country's economy can start rolling again. But hasn't it been proven that kids carry the virus? So wouldn't that be putting teachers, adults, or parents at risk? Wouldn't it potentially cause a second wave? Second, regarding restaurant, bars, and coffee shop not opening anytime soon, not even on the 11th of May - how are they gonna survive??

I'm a bit concerned and worried. But apparently the lockdown has bored fruit. There are less cases and hospitals are breathing a bit again. That's a good motivation to go on. No matter how difficult this will be. Because really, what's the alternative?? I just want my old, normal life again. I haven't kissed or hugged my husband in a month, and honestly, I could really need some comfort right now.

xoxo Elodie

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