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Maison Fresson in Metz, France

If ever you’re looking for a good place to have delicious French pastries, you simply must go to Maison Fresson in Metz. Located in the city center, in a pedestrian-only area, it is the perfect place to be after a day of shopping, working, or just strolling. In short, anything is a good excuse to go to Maison Fresson. 

When in Maison Fresson, polish your quick decison-making skills. But boy, it is difficult to do so when you are faced by so many colorful choices and everything looks so damn good!

Paris-Metz and Paris-Brest

Sometimes when we eat out, we skip dessert and instead take out delicious cakes to enjoy at home. It’s so good, that sometimes, the cakes don’t even make it home. I have no problem eating in the car. 

Baby Girl and her Concorde

I’ll let you in a secret. Sometimes you can find Baby Girl and I after school on Fridays enjoying a cake and girl-talk. ??

Maison Fresson is composed of two floors. On the ground floor, you will find the shop with the cake displays, chocolates, and etc.. On the first floor, there is a tea room with several tables and chairs. It has a pretty cozy atmosphere.

Tartelette Yuzu

I haven’t tried all the cakes Maison Fresson has to offer. But I think that so far the Tartelette Yuzu might be my favorite. The sourness / sweetness of yuzu lemon goes perfect with the chocolate.

Chocolate Eclair and Opéra Cremeux

Seriously – how can anyone resist?? ? ?

xoxo Elodie

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