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Pago Premium Fruit Juice - Mango

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Hey, you! Here’s my absolute favorite drink of the moment. What’s yours?

Ever since we had dinner at O’Paradis Ethiopien (click here for the post), I’ve been thinking about that Mango juice that I had.

Pago Premium Fruit Juice – Mango.

Back in the Philippines, Mangoes are very popular. We have the best Mangoes in the world by the way, specifically in the island of Cebu.

Mango shake. Boracay, Philippines. 2006.

Fresh mangoes, mango ice cream, mango sorbet, dried mangoes, mango float, mango shake, mango juice. You get it – mangoes are everywhere!

But I’m not necessarily a fan of all mango preparations. While I love mango sorbet, I don’t like mango ice cream. I like mango shake, but not mango juice. Yeah, I’m weird like that.

So it was surprising that I really loved Pago’s Mango juice. But then when I took a closer look at its content, it also has about 10% passion fruit juice, which I guess explains why I love it.

I was able to buy a 750 ml bottle in Cora Supermarket the other day for 1.92 Euros. Not too bad, huh?

This will probably be a staple in our refrigerator for a while.

Have you tried it already? You should! And if Mango is not your thing, I believe there is Strawberry, Orange, Rhubarb, or even Citrus.

xoxo Elodie

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