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Picard Haul - October 2018

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Hey guys! How’s it going? ?

Today, I’m going to share my secret / not-so-secret with you – PicardSurgeles. As much as I love shopping for fresh vegetables and fruits, I’ve also developed a fondness for frozen products particularly from Picard Surgeles and Thiriet. Since we moved to our new apartment, we’ve been going to Picard Surgeles because it’s more convenient location-wise. But there are products you can find in one and not in another, so I guess it would be ideal to go to both once a month.

So, these are some of the vegetables that I feel I need in my freezer at all times:


Frites XL Four                                       1.55 Euros                                                               Légumes potage 1 kg                            1.95 Euros                                                               Champignons Emincés 1 kg               2.47 Euros                                                             

Petit Pois Extra Fin 450 g                    1.40 Euros                                                              

Persil 50 g                                                1.50 Euros                                                              Oignons rouges                                      1.40 Euros                                                               Epinard feuille 600 g                             1.60 Euros                                                             

Poivron trio                                             1.43 Euros                                                              Parmentier de Canard (good for 1)    2.61 Euros

Total: 15.91 Euros

I grew up thinking that fresh was always better frozen and that frozen was bad. But thanks for the application,Yuka, I have educated myself to think otherwise. Yes, fresh will always be better than frozen. But no, frozen isn’t bad. In fact, if you look at the screenshots of the Picard products I scanned with the application Yuka, all products in exception of 1 rated as « Excellent ». The exception was the ready-to-eat dish, Parmentier de Canard, but even that was rated as « Bon ».

This was my first time to try a ready-to-eat dish and certainly not my last. Although, the Parmentier de Canard was not as good as I had expected, thanks to the application Yuka I’m looking forward to trying more of their dishes.

What do you think of Picard Surgeles? And frozen products in general? 

xoxo Elodie

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