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Pizzeria Carissimi in Metz, France

I’ve been craving a lot of things lately – Spaghetti with Mussels, Pizza, … Oh, come to think of it, I’ve been missing good Italian dishes I guess. Anyways, Baby Girl and I made plans of hanging out in the city center today. Getting my eyebrows done, lunch at a restaurant, meeting up with a friend for coffee, picking my new glasses, a little shopping, and just happily walking in the streets of Metz center.

I decided to have lunch at Pizzeria Carissimi because of a former trainee of mine. She used to work in the frozen food industry and she seemed to know a lot about restaurants in Metz and surrounding areas. In the few months we worked together, my trainees ate at Pizzeria Carissimi twice. Sadly, I was not able to go the two times, but I was quite curious. I figured if I was craving Italian food and wanted a really good pizza – I might as well try the place out.

Baby Girl and I arrived at Pizzeria Carissimi at about 12:15PM, just after my eyebrow appointment. I go to this new place not so far from Baby Girl’s school. I’ve only had my eyebrows done there, so I’ll try other stuff before posting an article about it. Nevertheless, I can say that all my appointments have turned out great and the owner is quite friendly and professional.

Anyways, back to the pizzeria. While Baby Girl and I initially sat down at a table inside the restaurant, we quickly transferred to the restaurant terrace when we learned they had one. It is actually separated from the restaurant. It’s just a couple steps up the street. There were about 12 tables. One was occupied when we got there and three other tables filled up during our meal.

A sunny day like today meant having an aperitif, of course. I ordered an Apérol Spritz (6.50 Euros), which prompted my 10-year old to ask me, « Mom, why do you like to drink alcohol so much? » ?? Haha.

Baby Girl ordered Coke (3.40 Euros) for herself. House rules are simple: we generally drink water during meal times, except when we’re out or if we have guests. Although if Baby Girl prefers to have water on those occasions, we’re totally cool with that.

Baby Girl is more a Flamme girl than a Pizza one, so she was super happy that there was La Flambée (7.90 Euros) on the menu. It was composed of cream, mozzarella, onions, and lardons. By the way, this was the kid’s menu, so it’s not only smaller in size, but cheaper too.

I had La Meli-Melo (14.30 Euros), which is half a pizza of your choice and half a tomato and mozzarella salad. I chose La Parme (tomato sauce, mozzarella, Parma ham, and arugula salad. It’s simple – it was so good that I felt like crying. Seriously. Major craving satisfied. ✅✅

The only slightly negative comment I would make is that the balsamic vinaigrette found its way to the pizza side. I would have preferred not. But otherwise, in all honesty, I can’t wait to come back soon, with the Husband this time!

What’s your favorite pizza? Favorite pizzeria?

xoxo Elodie

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