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Pumpkin Pancake | Recipe

Updated: Nov 6

Hey, you! 🥞

I went to the supermarket the other day and saw a beautiful pumpkin that I knew I just had to bring home with me. I thought I would make a nice autumn soup with it, but at the last minute, I decided to turn it into pumpkin purée (click here for the post). I've been loving having pumpkin purée in our fridge because it means I can make cake, bread, pumpkin spice latte and in today's case Pumpkin Pancake anytime I want!

When I think of Pumpkin Pancake, I automatically think of Gilmore Girls. There's this scene where Luke talks about Pumpkin Pancake with Homemade Cinnamon Butter and I've always wondered how it would taste like. As a big Gilmore Girls fan, I just knew it was time to recreate the Pumpkin Pancakes with Cinnamon Butter from Luke's Diner!

I got the recipe from here. I believe the author has been recreating recipes from the Gilmore Girls series. What a genius idea, right?? That's not something I would personally do, but I love it! And I love this recipe! I'm not a cinnamon fan, but guess what? I think I might just have found a way to finally enjoy cinnamon!

How do you like your Pancakes?

xoxo Elodie

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