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Strawberry and Crème Fraiche | Recipe

Hey, you! 🍓

A few years ago, my nephew showed me his favorite way to enjoy strawberries and I've been enjoying them this way ever since too!

Strawberry and Creme Fraiche. So I looked online to see what exactly creme fraiche is. Translated as "fresh cream", it is a thick cultured cream. It is cream soured with a bacterial culture, similar to sour cream. I actually first thought that it would taste like sour cream, but it doesn't! Yes, they both taste slightly sour, but creme fraiche also has a nutty flavor I find. The fat content is around 30 percent, so sometimes I like to replace it with Greek yogurt! Not as good though

What's your fave strawberry recipe? 🍓

xoxo Elodie

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