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Phyllo Pastry Sheet (Feuille de Brick) | Recipe

Updated: May 17, 2023

Hey, you! ☪️

On this last week of Ramadan, I wanted to share with you some of the recipes I learned from muslim friends. I'm not Muslim, but having been born in Jordan, I've always been fond of this type of cuisine. If I'm not mistaken, Briks in the Middle East are called Borek, which is made with Phyllo Pastry Sheet.

When you're done making your Phyllo Pastry Sheet, don’t stress if they aren’t as perfect-looking as the store bought ones. Taste-wise they are so much better!

I decided to make Minced Beef and Cheese Brick today. But I also really like making Tuna and Potato Bricks. By the way, people often ask me the difference between Samosas and Brick. I make Samosas using spring roll wrapper which is thicker than Phyllo Pastry Sheets for Bricks.

Making your own phyllo pastry sheet takes way more than getting the store-bought ones. But one you know exactly what ingredients go into it and, two they are wonderfully flaky and crispy when fried. It is also wayyy cheaper to make! 😊

What's your fave Middle Eastern or North African dish? 🕌

xoxo Elodie

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