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Summer Rolls

Hey guys! Are any of you on vacation? I wish I was!

If you are, then enjoy and please please please bring some sun. Because here in Metz, it is currently catastrophic. I mean, I look outside and it looks like it’s freaking Autumn. We’re in mid-August. It’s supposed to be all about the heat, the sun, and blue sky. A trainee of mine called me yesterday to confirm a training date in the end of the month and he was casually asking how the weather is like here. You know how the weather is like. And you say you just got out of the pool and it’s sunny there. Stop … before I die of jealousy! LOL. I console myself thinking that hopefully in December I’ll be away for 5 weeks. But December is so far away, I say childishly to myself.

The husband and I (I ended up going with him) picked up our new dining table chairs. They are a beauty. I still need to get 2 more chairs and then I’m done. The wallet won’t be resting yet as I still need to buy 2-3 more furnitures in our living room and dining room. And then I attack our bedroom. When will this ever end?

Baby girl is in a phase right now where she likes to make her own puzzles. She creates them. She gets a piece of blank paper, draws on it, and then proceeds to cut it in small pieces. It depends whether she wants it easy, medium, or hard. And then, the husband and I and whoever is visiting are invited to figure out her puzzle. I gotta admit I haven’t been able to finish a single one of them. They’re so confusing, but I don’t have the heart to tell her. So I let her go ahead and make her puzzles. She’ll eventually run out of boxes to store them, I tell myself.

After work yesterday, I quickly looked at our weekly menu chart and saw that dinner was Summer Rolls today. Perfect except I didn’t have all the ingredients. So we rushed to the supermarket to pick up what we wanted in our rolls.

We usually have food delivered on Friday evenings, but tonight we had a Vietnamese Summer Roll workshop. It’s a great way for the family to be all together.

While I was preparing the ingredients, Baby Girl innocently said, « This is great Mama. Instead of buying prepared rolls at the store, we can choose exactly what we want in our rolls this way. We don’t have to pick away and put aside what we don’t like and there’s no wasted food. » I love when she makes observations like that. It reassures me that she observes and sees the point of doing what we do. Personally, I’m a firm believer that there’s so much more you can learn outside of school. I know that this subject can be somewhat debatable though.

We decided on: salad, carrots, cucumber, chicken breast, shrimp, vermicelli and mint leaves.

When I was done preparing our ingredients, the Husband and Baby Girl were in charge of making the rolls.

Of course, they were not as beautiful as professionals, but after a couple of practices, the Husband’s rolls looked like the ones you find in restaurants.

The most important part though was that they were delicious!

xoxo Elodie

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