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The Summer I Turned Pretty | Season 2

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Hey, you! 🥰

After coming back from the Philippines, I had to check out all the series I missed to watch. That's when I saw that the second season of The Summer I Turned Pretty had come out on Amazon Prime. And that's also when I realized that I had completely forgotten to post a review for the first season here. It's a little too late for that now, so let's just get on with season 2.

But before that ...

I just wanted to say that season 1 ended the way I wanted it to and I remember being so excited about season 2 coming out. Belly and Conrad got together. Susannah was entering a treatment trial for her cancer. It was full of hope.

Of course, there were spoilers online. It's kinda hard not to see them especially when this is based on books. By the way, I haven't read the books. I've never really been into YA, but I'm slowly appreciating it more nowadays.

This is actually the kind of teen drama that I like. Yes, it's complicated, but it's also relatable. It deals with real stuff like the messy part of life. The big C. Death. Dating. Getting your first heartbreak. Things that we've all gone through at some point. It's not one of those teen series where you've got teenagers solving crimes and / or committing crimes all the while going to school, partying, and dating. It's not realistic at all and frankly exhausting. You expect to watch a teen drama but writers turn these characters into "mini-adults", which just doesn't make sense.

Anyways ...

Season 2, in my opinion, is all about shifting. Going from one phase to another. Each character has to deal with a major change in their life. Graduating high school. Grieving the loss of a loved one. Recovering from a first heartbreak. Repairing mistakes. Conrad and Belly aren't together anymore. Jeremiah and Belly aren't talking anymore. Susannah has passed away. And the beach house is hanging by a thread.

I don't usually like love triangle stories, especially when there are brothers involved. Initially, I didn't even like the idea in season 1 because it almost felt incestuous in a way.

I was Team Conrad at first mainly because season 1 made it seem like he was the better choice but .... by the end of season 2, I wasn't so sure about that anymore. Every girl needs that bad boy who's gonna bring her out of her shell but there are also limits. Conrad broke Belly's heart once and that's fine, but it was time for her to move on. He spent the whole season brooding in his corner, hurting himself and everyone around him, and never knowing what he really wanted. He didn't even notice what was happening between Jeremiah and Belly the whole time! As Belly said, "he gives and then he takes away" and when you're with someone like that, it hurts and it can break and tear a person apart. He needs to work on himself before being with someone.

But with that being said, Belly shouldn't be with Jeremiah just because Conrad is not good enough for her now. Jeremiah has always cared for her and we see that in his actions. He can provide her the stability and reassurance she needs. I really liked the development of their relationship. It's fun, simple, and easy-going, perfect for high school teenagers. It shouldn't have to be so complicated at that age. Personally, this is the kind of relationship I would love my teenage daughter to have.

Buuuuuut, S and I preferred Steven and Taylor's relationship. "If anything, you're gonna be the one that's breaking my heart. Not the other way around." Awwww ... they were too cuuuuuute. I just wish that they won't let their relationship be affected with the love triangle drama. Their constant banter brought that little touch of humor this season needed.

Other things that I liked were the addition of the newcomers. I loved Aunt Julia and I completely understood where her pain came from. I thought that the mother-daughter dynamics she has with her daughter Skye was quite nice. I liked that Cam was brought back for this season. But at the same time I feel they took away some of Laurel's storyline. As she said, Beck was her soulmate and I would have loved to see more of how she dealt with her loss, or perhaps how she didn't deal with it.


Here are some of the scenes that I loved this season:

The car scene on the highway, just before they have to check in the motel. Conrad was sooooo good and oh Lord when he asked, "Belly, which one of us is the better kisser, me or him?" Didn't he just make you want to punch him?? So good and awkward!

Conrad definitely likes things awkward because what's more awkward than professing your love on a dirty floor of a motel with your brother / nemesis in the same room. At last everything was finally out in the open .... only for him to cowardly take it back the next morning.

And finally that kiss with Beyoncé in the background? Chef's kiss! I actually really liked the whole soundtrack this season. It was on-point. A bit of the old (they used Gin Blossoms and Kissing You by Des'Ree!!) and a bit of the new.

Belly has got to be hands-down my favorite character this season . She made mistakes, but owned up to them. I liked that she knew what she wanted and she was determined to get it. She put herself first and I think that's something that should be shown more in series like this with a young female lead. Relationships are difficult and sometimes one stays in them because they feel responsible for their partner's happiness and fixing them, but that's not their job. You're responsible for your own happiness and it seems that Belly got that. This was fully her decision and looks like she was pretty sure on who she wanted to be with.

xoxo Elodie

P.S. S's favorite character was Taylor because she's funny, awkward, annoying, and cute - all at the same time.

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