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Weekly Meal Plan: Jan. 22 - Jan. 28, 2024

Hey, you! 😊

I was so excited for this weekend, but unfortunately it didn't go as planned. The week was hard on our emotions. A rollercoaster of ups and downs. And the weekend was that final twist and curve. Considering we started the week with the Blue Monday, what else could we expect right?

On Saturday, we spent the day at our friends' house. We had a lovely time with them, the food was delicious, and the day was sunny. Finally a sunny albeit cold day!

On Sunday, we celebrated my husband's 40th birthday just the three of us. It was a calm day at home. We spent the day cooking. I prepared Filipino Spaghetti for long life. I filmed it so I hope I can post it soon. For his birthday cake, I tried making a Sans Rival Cake for the first time. It tasted good, but I'm so bad at decorating cakes. LOL.

This week was a very cold one and it looks like the coming week will be better temperature-wise, but it will be quite wet! It's exactly the kind of weather I hate, so I make up for it with feel-good food.

Have you already tried Lasagna Soup? Click here for the recipe.

xoxo Elodie


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