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Weekly Meal Plan: Oct. 23 - 29, 2023

Hey, you! 😊

As if I wasn't feeling ill enough, my period arrived at the beginning of the week. Thankfully, it is much better now compared to what it was like a few months ago. And guess what? I finally started feeling better around Thursday. I'm not 100% well yet, but I feel better and that's something worth celebrating. 🥳

Speaking of celebration, I also started the week a bit sad. The French rugby team was eliminated from the World Cup. They lost the quarter-finals match against South Africa by 1 point only. One point!!! 😭 😭 Poor players - that was the worst case scenario ever! They played so good, but unfortunately some of the ref's decision (or lack of) were questionable. Honestly, it's been a few days since the game and I'm still feeling sad.

As predicted, I haven't really been following my meal plan. But I'm hoping to do that starting this week as I'm beginning to feel slightly better. I've actually made Butternut Squash Gratin in the past and it was delicious, so I can't wait to make it again. Problem is, I don't know what to serve it with - rice, bread, or just green salad?

Do you like Butternut Squash?

xoxo Elodie

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