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A New Month, A New Mug

Updated: May 17, 2023

Hey, you! ☕

Can you believe this weekend is the last weekend of April? Already??? 🤯

This means that it's May and exactly one month from today, we will be celebrating our daughter's confirmation. I've decided to be very hands-on so I need to start preparing. My preoccupation of the moment are the plates and utensils. I don't want to buy single-use plates and utensils, but it's more convenient. I was thinking of renting but it's a bit expensive for something that's not gonna be mine. Ughhhh, I need to get a move on things.

Anyways, a new month means a new mug. There's just something about drinking coffee aka survival juice in a mug. 😆😆

Help me choose one?

✨ Shop here:

✨ Shop here:

✨ Shop here:

✨ Shop here:

✨ Shop here:

✨ Shop here:

Which one would you get? 💕

xoxo Elodie

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