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Beauty Boxes - June 2017

Hey, you! I’ve recently started a liking for beauty products. Trouble is, I don’t particularly like putting on make-up. If given a choice, I’d honestly prefer to spend an extra hour sleeping rather than putting make-up on. I also grew up with a mom who barely put make-up on, except for her red Chanel lipstick and later on with a father who absolutely had no knowledge about make-up.

But at 30 years old, I think it is about time that I learn a thing or two. Unfortunately, beauty products have a tendency to be awfully expensive. And the husband would definitely be upset if I spend our food budget on beauty products.

I am quite active on Instagram and somehow I stumbled on the concept of Beauty Boxes. Basically, you subscribe to a beauty box, you pay a minimal price (usually between 10-20 Euros, depends on the company). The actual box price is usually 4-5 times more than what you pay. No have no idea what you will receive, but it usually respects theme. If you hate surprises, you have been warned. Because yes, you may have good or bad surprises. Sometimes, the product is in its original format, other times in a mini-version, and unfortunately sometimes in a sample version (which is a real bummer). Sometimes, you like the products, sometimes you don’t, and other times it might be a product you already have. You have a beauty profile to fill up beforehand, but sadly we can’t always be contented with what we receive.

Which is why it was tough to choose the beauty box I wanted to subscribe to. But I finally went with My Little Box back in February 2017.

What’s great about my Little Box is that the experience starts with the box. They are a beauty. Too bad I didn’t include it in the photo above. I’ve noticed that in the box, they usually include a mixture of accessories (in the past I’ve received socks and glass coasters for example), beauty products (they have their own line of products too), and there is always a pouch / bag included.

My Little Box – Los Angeles Box (16.90 Euros / month)

*tote bag: it might not look like it, but this bag is huge. I have already used it to go to the swimming pool and I love it.

*bracelet: cute!

*stickers: snatched by Baby Girl lol

*My Little Beauty – Coco Sunrise Huile Corps & Cheveux / Body and Hair Oil

*Palmer’s Lait Hydrating / Hydrating Body Milk

*Sanoflore Aqua Rosa

I am in love with the body milk from Palmer’s. Yes, as it suggests it hydrates very well the skin and it just smells so lovely. Perfect for this summer!

Unfortunately, the « parrainage code / referral code » is temporarily deactivated. I’ll modify the post as soon as it is activated again.

A couple of months after I received my first beauty box from My Little Box, I decided to subscribe to Glossy Box. I’m not sure why I did. But I do know that I like the thought of having a surprise waiting for me to be opened. Let’s say, I’ve never been more excited and impatient to open my mailbox every day. Even Baby Girl shares the same enthusiasm as me.

I’ve noticed that with Glossy Box, they like to share something sweet and to eat in their box. As you can see from the photo above, we were spoiled.

Glossy Box – Fruity Box (15.50 Euros / month)

*Lindt Sensation Fruit : raspberries and cranberry covered by chocolate. I had already tried before when it first hit the market and this is too good! This is the kind of chocolate I love.

*Pago Fruit Drink Strawberry : this was alright. Not bad, but I don’t think I would buy this on my own.

*Vitamasoues Kiwi Eyepads: I have yet to try this. I have a tendency to hold on to things I think I will love. But seriously, I should try this out soon.

*Stickers: again, was snatched by my daughter

*Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil – Let’s Go Crazy: not a color I would normally buy, but I’m already thinking of using it this summer. The texture on the lip is great; it doesn’t dry them out.

*Ruby Baked Blush: disappointing! It tends to get very powdery when I use it, so I usually end up having it all over my makeup table.

*Merci Handy Handing Cleaning Gel : always good to have some in a handbag

*Dr. Pawpaw Soothing Balm: a discovery. This baby stays in my bag all the time. Dry skin, dry lips and I use this balm. Thumbs up.

If you are interested in subscribing to this box, here is my referral code:

Finally, the third box I am subscribed to is Birchbox. This happened simply because of Burger King. Yep, you heard that right. lol

During Mother’s Day, Burger King had a collaboration with Birchbox. For every order of the mother’s day special, one had the chance to receive the « offre decouverte » if you subscribed for at least 3 months. I received a special box for newbies and I even received a free round towel with this box!

Birchbox – City Break (13 Euros)

*Invisibobble: I am already using this hair tie, so the more the merrier.

*Herborist CC Masque Perfecteur de Teint : simply love this product. Too bad, we only got the mini-version.

*Glowcup Glitter: part of my routine now. Even the husband has gotten into it. lol

*Moroccan Oil Hair Care: the smell? Oh gosh, heavenly! Not to mention how soft my hair feels after using this. I will definitely buy this.

*Institut Karité Shea Body Milk: probably the only product I didn’t use that much from this box. I still have too many other body lotions that I use at the moment.

*Cargo Cosmetics Beach Blush: nice!

If you are interested in subscribing to this beauty box, here is the referral code:

I’ve been checking out other beauty boxes and I currently debating with myself if I should subscribe to Beautiful Box. Perhaps I’ll end one of my current subscription for this, but I am still hesitating.

And apparently non-beauty boxes are also available, such as Kitchen Trotter (around the world food products) and Emma & Chloe (jewelry). Both look very interesting! 😊

xoxo Elodie

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