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Breakfast at Le Beslay - Hotel Les Deux Girafes in Paris, France

Hey, you! 🥐☕️

If there's something you must know about me, it's that I never really loved eating breakfast. I believe it's because of all those traumatising breakfast where my dad would force me to drink hot milk with that yucky skin on the top. 🥴🥴

Since becoming a mother, I have tried to make an effort when it comes to breakfast. I prepare Avocado Toast, Scrambled Eggs or Omelet, hmmm ... Pancakes too and thanks to the bakery in front of our house, we also have French Baguette, Croissants, or Pain au Chocolat from time to time.

As you probably read in the previous post (click here to read it), we stayed at Hotel Les Deux Girafes for our second night in Paris. The hotel has its own restaurant, Le Beslay which serves its guests daily breakfast.

Headed by Chef Fabrice Giraud, it also offers exquisite and sophisticated dishes for lunch and dinner.

At 8am, our stomachs were growling for some delicious brekky. 😋

On the way to the breakfast room, you have to walk this glass floor. Surprise, surprise - there's a dinosaur fossil! It might sound a bit freaky at first (or extremely cool), but nothing could stop me from stepping those last steps to breakfast.

Surprisingly, the first thing that caught my eye was the artwork displayed on the walls of the restaurant. As I mentioned in yesterday's post, they feature different artists and their work. I thought these works were displayed in the art gallery aka the hallway, but turns out they can found in several places in the hotel, including the restaurant.

So, do you wanna know how breakfast went at Hotel Les Deux Girafes?

I'm not gonna keep you in suspense any longer. So what can I say? We really enjoyed it!

There's nothing extravagant on the buffet, but there's everything you need. Eggs, bacon, pancakes, cold cuts, cheese, fruits, yogurt, cereals, French breakfast pastries, and bread.

It's home away from home. Comfortable. In fact, this is the first time I made myself my classic avo-egg toast at a hotel breakfast buffet. Again, home away from home. ❤️❤️

I just love these mini jam and honey. Soooo cute! 😍😍

Tell me: What do you usually get for breakfast at a hotel buffet?

xoxo Elodie

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