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Bridgerton Season 2 | less sex, more sweetness

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

⚠️ Spoilers Alert ⚠️

Hey, you! 🥰 🥰

Let me interrupt the Paris series with another kind of series - the historical romance one. ❤️

As an avid reader of the Bridgerton series in my teenage years, I was pleasantly surprised to know that they were turning the books into a series. Season 1 (The Duke and I) was as promising as they had said it would be. Watching the Duke of Hastings and Daphne Bridgerton falling in love was exciting and marked the start of a journey.

And so now, I am fresh off watching Season 2 aka The Viscount Who Loved Me, which had nothing to do with the book.

Is that bad, is that good? For someone that was looking for the series to be exactly like the book, then yeah one would most likely be disappointed. For my part, I can understand why they decided to go another way. The whole "forced into marriage after being seen in a compromising situation" does have a taste of been-there-done-that from season 1.

The Bridgerton books are one of those books I used to wish to be able to read for the first time again. This is what I'm, in a way, getting with the series. We know where we're roughly heading at, but at the same time not really. I cringed at the love triangle with the sisters, but I relish the numerous scenes of long gazes suspended in time.

Daphne and The Duke of Hastings was a young love filled with passion hence the many hot and steamy sex scenes. Kate and the Viscount's is a more mature one. Both are the eldest of the family and carry much self-appointed weight on their shoulders. The journey to their happily-ever-after is made rockier with excess baggage lost in the way. Death of parents, taking over family responsibilities, sacrificing one's young years. This is a case where making decisions for others comes easily, but when it comes to one's own self it is destructive. What's worst is both of them are the same. Both feeling so unlovable, and therefore not capable of love.

This season's sex scenes are replaced with a rollercoaster of denial, heartbreak, and heavy love declarations.

and my personal favorite ....

What I learned from season 2 is that simply put, the lies we tell ourselves are always the worst. Like feelings of love finding its way to the surface, the bubble of lies has to burst and we are faced to admit the truth. And in the end there is no greater declaration than those 3 magical words and hearing them in return.

One will always find a million reasons not to be with a person, when in fact there is only one reason to be with them and that's love.

This is my favorite scene of the season. I didn't even notice tears were flowing down my cheeks.

Tell me all about your thoughts! ❤️

xoxo Elodie

PS. Logically, Benedic's story should be next, but it seems like things have been poised for Colin and Penelope's. If that's true, I am excitedly curious to know how they will portray the friends-turned-lover storyline.

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